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Stage Five - cover

Stage Five

Robert Brumm

Publisher: Robert Brumm

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Robert Brumm, author of Windigo Soul, Black Water Creek, and the Desolate series, brings you Stage Five - a collection of five short stories.  
Warning. May contain traces of the following:  
Talking cats and dogs, a serial killer on dialysis, testicle dissecting robots, prostitutes getting shot in the back, a meth head burned alive, a decapitated head kicked across the room, a puggle tempted to eat fresh vomit, a woman with a hangover wearing a Reggie White t-shirt, a pink litter box, and the extinction of the human race.  
A Blog Named Phil - Visit Phil’s blog to read his account of the day his dog and cat started talking to him. Yes, it happened to everybody but read it anyway. Phil’s a lonely guy.  
Cooper - Having to kill a gum snapping prostitute, a knuckle cracking beefcake, and a twitchy meth head was just the start of Cooper’s bad day. When he gets teamed up with Vinnie Smalls, a razor wielding pain in the ass wise guy, to collect a debt, the night goes from bad to bizarre to deadly.  
Stage Five - After a usual night of binge drinking and television watching, Amy finds herself locked in the basement cell of a serial killer the next morning. Her death seems certain until the killer realizes he may have picked the wrong woman to be his next victim.  
We Called Them Sheen - They started out as personal assistants, butlers, nannies, and companions. They ended up being responsible for the extinction of the human race.  
She Must be a Daisy - One cat and one man in an apartment. One dies. The other tries to survive.  
One or more of the stories in this book contain descriptions of graphic violence and language meant for adults. If you’re easily offended by such things and are quick to write negatives reviews based solely on them, this might not be the book for you.

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    Beautifully written and deeply unsettling, The Lives of Things illuminates the development of Saramago’s prose and records the genesis of themes that resound throughout his novels.
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