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Delicious Gifts - cover

Delicious Gifts

Rob Kirby

Publisher: Absolute Press

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Delicious Gifts celebrates the best, beautifully styled, handcrafted food gifts for all occasions, direct from Rob and Amber Kirby's family kitchen. Eighty delectable recipes are accompanied by stunning photography by Lara Holmes, along with inspiration, guidance and ideas for how best to wrap and package these thoughtful gifts. 
Sectioned by chapters dedicated to specific themes – including cookies, deli treats, sweets, outdoors and holidays – whether you're looking for a unique Christmas present, something romantic, or a healthy treat for loved ones, Delicious Gifts has plenty of ideas to inspire you. Recipes range from something simple for all the family to enjoy making together, such as biscuits, chocolate dipped strawberries and rose petal sugar, to treats such as meal kits, marinades, chutneys, rubs and relishes and champagne jellies.  
Beyond edible birthday, Christmas and thank you presents, great ideas for hampers and kits are also included, with special recipes to suit any occasion whether it's for a festival or glamping, a boys' night in or the start of university.  
You won't fail to be inspired by this delightful collection.

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  • Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen - Everyday Foods the Whole Family Will Love - cover

    Cooking for Your Gluten-Free...

    Suzanne Nelson, Carlyn Berghoff,...

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    100 recipes for teen and family favorites that prove eating gluten-free doesn’t meant sacrificing foods, flavor, or convenience. 
    Sarah Berghoff McClure practically grew up in the kitchens of Chicago’s historic Berghoff Restaurant, where wheat-filled German-American favorites such as schnitzels, spaetzles, strudels, and rye bread are staples. When Sarah was diagnosed with Celiac disease, she thought her days of eating her favorite pizzas, pastas, and pastries with her friends were over. Her mother, Carlyn Berghoff, chef/owner of the Berghoff Restaurant, stepped in, and together, she and Sarah began creating gluten-free versions of kid and teen-friendly foods that Sarah could enjoy. 
    Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen offers a unique perspective on living gluten-free from not only someone living with gluten-intolerance, but also from a parent who is also a chef, and a doctor, Susan Nelson, who specializes in treating teens and others with Celiac disease. 
    • Carlyn sets up a gluten-free kitchen checklist and gives tips on how the whole family can switch to gluten-free eating and loving it. 
    • Sarah discusses what it’s like to grow up with Celiac disease, as well as how to live a healthy gluten-free lifestyle without feeling singled out at parties or when eating out, and without missing out on the foods teens love. 
    • Dr. Nelson discusses the symptoms and diagnosis of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance and tells stories about her patients, who tested and resoundingly approved the recipes in the book. 
    Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen is filled with more than 100 recipes and helpful tips on everything from the top foods that gluten-intolerant teens crave, to converting family favorite recipes to make them gluten-free, as well as strategies for packing healthy and delicious lunches and snacks. 
    Straightforward tables and lists of naturally gluten-free foods, gluten-laden foods to avoid, and secret sources of gluten are also included, as is a take-along game plan for kids and adults when they are out and about. With teen and family favorites such as Pizza and Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries, Almond Streusel Coffee Cake, and more, Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen proves that teens and their families don’t have to sacrifice to eat gluten free.
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  • At the Farmers' Market with Kids - Recipes and Projects for Little Hands - cover

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    Leslie Jonath, Ethel Brennan

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    This charming book of sixty-five recipes plus tips and activities makes any farmers’ market a fun and flavorful adventure for the whole family. 
    From exploring the different booths to selecting produce and tasting the unique flavors each season brings, the farmers’ market provides a fertile playground for kids. It provides a fun family activity while building healthy habits and supporting sustainable eating. When you introduce kids to the delicious diversity of farmers’ markets, you’ll never have to say “Finish your vegetables” again.  
    At the Farmer’s Market with Kids profiles the fruits and vegetables available at most farmers’ markets, explaining how to tell which ones are ripe and how to store them. With age-specific tips that cater to children of all ages, plus sixy-five nutritious and kid-pleasing recipes to put your farmers’ market spoils to use, this cookbook makes it easy for everyone in the family to eat healthfully and live well.
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  • Nicholas Faith's 2015 guide to cognac - cover

    Nicholas Faith's 2015 guide to...

    Nicholas Faith

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    Nicholas Faith’s 2015 Guide to Cognac is a directory supplement to Nicholas’s best-selling book Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy, winner of the Veuve Clicquot award in the US and the Deinhard/Wine Magazine award in the UK. The second edition won the André Simon prize, Britain’s premier wine and spirit writing prize.
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  • Vegan Ketogenic Diet - High Fat and Low Carb Vegan Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss - cover

    Vegan Ketogenic Diet - High Fat...

    Sam Kuma

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    If you are vegan you might already know… 
    …Each vegan spares the lives of about 30 animals each year. 
    …being vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half. 
    …vegans save 1,100 gallons of water each day. 
    If you are not following a vegan diet yet, this one will convince you… 
    Vegans live longer… 
    …if you do it right. 
    When you look in the mirror, you might wonder where your little muffin top came from. That´s because not all vegan foods are as healthy as you think. 
    Being vegan is not enough if you tend to put on weight. Even worse, by now supermarkets are full of vegan junk food as bad as McDonald´s Cheeseburgers. 
    If you want to stay healthy, keep up your vegan diet and lose weight without ever feeling hungry, there is only one magical formula. 
    In the 19th century, scientists found the ultimate non-prescriptive drug to cure epilepsy, diabetes and reduce the risk of cancer. 
    And that´s when the whole hype around the ketogenic diet started. 
    Guess what… saying yes to keto is not another “you eat, you starve, you gain, you lose“ weight cycle or a one week buzz. 
    It is scientifically proven that the ketogenic diet is not only one of the healthiest, but also most effective diets around the globe. 
    In “Vegan Ketogenic Diet: High Fat and Low Carb Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss“, you´ll discover: 
        Dozens of keto vegan recipes to kickstart your day 
        Hearty, steaming bowls and soups to warm your bones 
        Green vegetables from all around the globe mixed in one meal to get rid of all toxins in your body 
        Over 20 lunch meals that guarantee weight loss 
        Superfoods to boost your mood 
        Dozens of no-guilt desserts 
    …and much more.
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  • Eating India - An Odyssey into the Food and Culture of the Land of Spices - cover

    Eating India - An Odyssey into...

    Chitrita Banerji

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    Though it's primarily Punjabi food that's become known as Indian food in the United States, India is as much an immigrant nation as America, and it has the vast range of cuisines to prove it. In Eating India, award-winning food writer and Bengali food expert Chitrita Banerji takes readers on a marvelous odyssey through a national cuisine formed by generations of arrivals, assimilations, and conquests. With each wave of newcomers-ancient Aryan tribes, Persians, Middle Eastern Jews, Mongols, Arabs, Europeans-have come new innovations in cooking, and new ways to apply India's rich native spices, poppy seeds, saffron, and mustard to the vegetables, milks, grains, legumes, and fishes that are staples of the Indian kitchen. In this book, Calcutta native and longtime U.S. resident Banerji describes, in lush and mouthwatering prose, her travels through a land blessed with marvelous culinary variety and particularity.
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  • 20 Best Vegan Recipes - cover

    20 Best Vegan Recipes

    Betty Crocker

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    Healthy, delicious recipes for starters, condiments, main courses, and desserts for every day of the week! 
    This new recipe collection from Betty Crocker is chock-full of super-tasty and exciting recipes for the vegan kitchen. Wow party guests with Sweet Pea-Wasabi Hummus with Wonton Chips and Mushroom-Olive Bruschetta, or try out a delicious weeknight meal like Noodle Bowls with Beer-Peanut Sauce or African Squash and Chickpea Stew. Quell sweet cravings by baking a batch of Double Dark Chocolate-Coconut Cupcake Stacks. This collection has everything you need, from delectable condiments to crowd-pleasing desserts—and a photo for each recipe.
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