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macOS Catalina: Up to Speed - cover

macOS Catalina: Up to Speed

R.M. Hyttinen

Publisher: PCM Courseware, LLC

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The macOS Catalina: Up To Speed guide helps you to get up and running quickly with Apple's latest operating system.  This handy step-by-step guide is written from scratch, starting with basic macOS topics and moving on to more advanced features of the operating system, designed to help you to become more productive more quickly.   Though comprehensive, the information in this book is presented in a clear, concise manner with screenshots providing helpful visual guidance all along the way. 
In no time at all you'll be navigating Catalina, setting up and maintaining user accounts, managing files, playing music and video, modifying system preferences, surfing the Web and working with applications like a pro.  
Topic include: 
Operating System Basics 
Understanding the Mac Interface 
Using the Mouse & Keyboard 
Investigating Menus 
Using Shortcut Menus 
Using Gestures with a Trackpad 
Using the Dock 
Navigating a Window 
Moving & Resizing a Window 
Displaying the Status Bar 
Switching Between Windows 
Using Split Window View 
Using Mission Control 
Changing Window Views 
Using Quick Look 
Catalina Disk Organization 
The Finder Toolbar & the Sidebar 
Using Quick Actions 
Arranging & Sorting the Contents of a Folder 
Browsing the Contents of Folders 
Navigating Folder Hierarchy 
Using iCloud & iCloud Drive 
Optimizing Disk Storage 
Store Most Files on iCloud 
Empty Trash After 30 Days 
Creating a New Folder 
Renaming a File or Folder 
Copying, Moving & Deleting Files and Folders 
Using Desktop Stacks 
Using the Info Window 
Finding Files using Spotlight 
Finding Files from the Finder Window 
Using Smart Folders 
Searching with Siri 
Selecting Multiple Files and Folders 
Batch Rename Files 
Arranging Finder Window Icons 
Setting Dock Properties 
Adding & Removing Items to the Dock 
Setting System Preferences 
The new Apple ID Preference Pane 
Setting up Family Sharing 
Using Dark Mode 
Changing the Desktop Background 
Adding a Screen Saver 
Using an External Monitor with a Laptop 
Syncing and Backing Up from the Finder 
Using AirPlay 
Controlling Your Mac with Voice Control 
Adding a Printer 
Setting Finder Preferences 
Syncing Documents & Desktop to the Cloud 
Managing User Accounts 
Security & Privacy 
Opening Applications and Documents 
Formatting Text 
Forcing an Application to Quit 
Installing & Removing Applications 
Using Automator 
Organizing Contacts with the Contacts Application 
Organizing Your Schedule with the Calendar Application 
Getting Things Done with the Reminders Application 
Navigating with Maps 
Using the Notes Application 
Using the Find My App 
Using the News app & the Stocks App 
Using Dictation 
Using the New Music App 
Using the Podcast and Books Apps 
Using the Voice Memos app 
Working with the Photos App 
Backing Up with Time Machine 
Using Continuity Camera 
Sharing Files with Airdrop 
Moving Between Devices with Handoff 
Sharing with the Universal Clipboard 
Mac Utilities 
Setting up an Internet Connection 
Adding & Managing Bookmarks 
Using Apple Pay in Safari 
And More....

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