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Excel 2016: Up To Speed - cover

Excel 2016: Up To Speed

R.M. Hyttinen

Publisher: Roger Hyttinen

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The Excel 2016: Up To Speed guide helps you to get up and running  quickly with the world's most popular spreadsheet application.  
This handy step-by-step guide is written from scratch, starting with basic Excel topics and moving on to more advanced features of application, designed to help you to become more productive more quickly.  Though comprehensive, the information in this book is presented in a clear, consise manner with screenshots providing helpful visual guidance all along the way. 
      In no time at all you're be importing and exporting data, creating formulas, modifying and formatting spreadsheets, setting up and formatting data in tables, creating beautiful charts, adding and subtracting dates, creating impressive PivotTables,  and much more. 
Topics include: 
Opening an Existing Workbook 
Navigating a Worksheet 
Creating a New Workbook 
Saving a New Workbook 
Moving Between Workbooks 
Setting Excel Options 
Switching between Views 
Using Tell Me to Obtain Help 
Entering Text and Numbers 
Entering Numbers as Text 
Entering Simple Formulas 
Choosing Formula Cell References 
Using AutoSum 
Total rows and columns at the same time using AutoSum 
Changing & Deleting Data 
Using Undo/Redo 
Using Find and Replace 
Using the Go To Command 
Spell Checking Your Worksheet 
Inserting Symbols 
Using Smart Lookup 
Working with Ranges 
Copying and Pasting Data 
Using the Office Clipboard 
Cutting and Pasting Data 
Copying and Moving Cells using Drag-And-Drop 
Inserting and Removing Rows and Columns 
Copying Data and Formulas with AutoFill 
Using AutoFill to Create a Series 
Filling in Cells using Flash Fill 
Using the Format Cells Dialog Box 
Formatting Values from the Ribbon 
Formatting Numbers 
Formatting Cells 
Hiding and Freezing Rows and Columns 
Inserting Headers and Footers 
Working with Formulas & Functions 
Using a Formula to Join the Contents of Multiple Cells 
Combine Cells using the Ampersand 
Combine cells using the CONCATENATE Function 
Combine cells using the CONCAT Function 
Joining Text with the TEXTJOIN Function 
Pasting as Values 
Adding, Copying and Deleting Worksheets 
Renaming Worksheets 
Repositioning & Grouping Worksheets 
Changing Worksheet Tab Colors 
Using 3-D Formulas & References 
Creating a Table 
Enter Data into a Table 
Deleting Rows and Columns 
Formatting a Table 
Totaling Data in a Table 
Sorting Data in a Table 
Sorting Multiple Columns 
Filtering Data using AutoFilter 
Creating Custom Filters 
Creating a Chart 
Moving a Chart 
Resizing a Chart 
Changing the Layout and Style 
Labeling Chart Elements 
Formatting Chart Text 
Formatting Chart Elements 
Changing the Chart Type 
Showing or Hiding Gridlines 
Customizing Axes 
Creating a Pie Chart 
Changing a Chart’s Source Data 
Moving a Chart to a Different Worksheet 
Saving a Chart Template 
Filtering Chart Data 
Using Sparklines 
Customizing Sparklines 
Adding Pictures 
Inserting Online Images 
Adding Shapes 
Formatting Drawing Objects 
Inserting WordArt & SmartArt 
Inserting & Modifying an Organization 
Taking a Screenshot 
Using the IF Function 
Using Nested Functions 
The COUNTIF Function 
Using the PMT Function 
Using the FV Function 
Using AutoCalculate 
Understanding Date/Time Functions 
And much more.... 

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