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The Sand Pebbles - cover

The Sand Pebbles

Richard McKenna

Publisher: RosettaBooks

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The critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller and the basis for the Academy Award– and Golden Globe–nominated film starring Steve McQueen.    As a spirit of nationalism inspired by Chiang Kai-shek’s leadership begins to sweep through China, the river gunship San Pablo is ordered to patrol the region and to protect US citizens. Jack Holman is a machinist aboard the San Pablo, who has joined the navy in order to avoid jail time. Because he is so fiercely independent, Jake remains a relative loner and is uncomfortable with navy protocol and discipline.   Holman’s independent mind chafes against military hierarchy and also ensures that he does not share his shipmates’ disdain for the Chinese. Instead, Holman is fascinated with the culture and the people that surround him and develops emotional bonds that prove quite thorny when the circumstances become more tumultuous and more dire.   The perspective of The Sand Pebbles is therefore both panoramic as well as personal. Like Lawrence of Arabia, the tension explored here is between the self as individual against the broader spectrum of social and historical forces against which we are all measured.   “A bold well-written book, inclusive in its concepts, memorable in character and incident, fearlessly impartial in its delineation of the incompatible sets of values held by the men on all sides.” —Kirkus Reviews
Available since: 07/01/2010.
Print length: 300 pages.

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    However, as Miller’s tour of duty progresses, he observes the reality of the conflict in a different light. He witnesses brutal atrocities committed by both sides and becomes increasingly disillusioned with the French government’s colonial policies. 
    Then Miller meets a beautiful Vietnamese girl named Dai Long, and falls deeply in love with her, despite the many challenges and obstacles that stand in their way. Therefore, Miller and Dai Long dream of a future together away from Vietnam. 
    As the novel reaches its climax, Miller must make a tough decision: continue to fight for a cause he no longer believes in, or betray his fellow legionnaires and follow his heart. The ending is gut-wrenching and bittersweet, as Miller’s and Dai Long’s fate is sealed amid the chaos of the 1954 battle at Dien Bien Phu. 
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    E. F. Benson - The Grand Collection of his works 
     Make Way For Lucia:
     Queen Lucia
     Miss Mapp
     Dodo Trilogy:
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     Dodo's Daughter or Dodo the Second
     Dodo Wonders
     David Blaize Series:
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     David Blaize and the Blue Door
     Other Novels:
     The Rubicon
     The Judgement Books
     The Vintage
     Mammon and Co.
     Scarlet and Hyssop
     The Relentless City
     The Valkyries
     The Angel of Pain
     The House of Defence
     The Blotting Book
     Daisy's Aunt
     Mrs. Ames
     Thorley Weir
     Up and Down
     Across the Stream
     Short Story Collections:
     The Room in the Tower, and Other Stories
     The Countess of Lowndes Square, and Other Stories
     Historical Work:
     Crescent and Iron Cross
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  • The Marrow of Tradition - cover

    The Marrow of Tradition

    Charles Waddell Chesnutt

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    Major Carteret is the white owner of the biggest newspaper in Wellington, a racially segregated city in the post-Civil War South. Carteret, along with other powerful white men in Wellington, are outraged that an editorial published the town's black newspaper has questioned the justification for lynchings. As racial tension mounts, Carteret struggles on the domestic front. His wife and child are unwell and his niece, Clara, is courted by Tom Delamer, a lush aristocrat. Meanwhile, William Miller, a young black doctor, returns to hometown of Wellington to set up a practice. Everything comes to a head, however, when a white woman is murdered.
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