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The Parent's Guide to the Modern World - cover

The Parent's Guide to the Modern World

Richard Daniel Curtis

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

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Raising a child in the 21st Century is scary! There are so many threats to your adolescent that you worry about what they are up to in their bedroom, let alone when they are out with their friends.

The world is so different than when we grew up, young people nowadays have different expectations about life and use so much technology. It's no wonder we feel overwhelmed at times. Even things that were simple have got more complicated, issues like gender identity or sex. It's hard to know where to start with technology, every time you feel you have a grip on what your child is into, they talk about something else you've never heard of.

Life as a parent is overwhelming!

The Parent's Guide to the Modern World gives you the answers to the worries you haven't even realised you have. Starting with a section on how your child's brain develops and explaining why their personality changes so much during puberty. It even helps you to structure any difficult conversations you need to have with your teen or soon to be teen.

The book then goes through over thirty different aspects of the modern world, telling you about the risks associated with each, plus the dos and don'ts for you as parents. Following this, part three focusses on the predictions for the world your child will be an adult in; helping you to understand the things you can do now to give them the best chances in life. Finally, the book contains a handy glossary of terms your young person might be using.

Worried about how to help your child understand these risks? Why not buy them the sister book The Young Person's Guide to the Modern World.
Available since: 03/30/2017.
Print length: 158 pages.

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