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Unleash Different - Achieving Business Success Through Disability - cover

Unleash Different - Achieving Business Success Through Disability

Rich Donovan

Publisher: ECW Press

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If you discovered a new market comprising 53% of the world’s population, would you act to invest in it?
There are 1.3 billion people around the world who identify as having a disability. When you include friends and family, the disability market touches 53% of all consumers. It is the world’s largest emerging market.
Unleash Different illustrates how companies like Google, PepsiCo, and Nordstrom are attracting people with disabilities as customers and as employees. Replacing “nice to do” with “return on investment” allows market forces to take over and the world’s leading brands to do what they do best: serve a market segment — in this case, the disability market.
Business managers will come to understand

how taking a charity-oriented approach to people with disabilities has failed,
what action is required to capitalize on the world’s biggest emerging market, and
how their organizations can grow revenue and cut costs by attracting people with disabilities as customers and talent.

Rich gives the reader a peek into how he rose from a Canadian school for “crippled children” to manage $6 billion for one of Wall Street’s leading firms. He makes it easy to relate to the business goal of serving disability — because he has actually done it.
Available since: 09/04/2018.

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    Do you want to live a life free from shame, guilt, and self destructive behaviors? Are you tired of feeling as if you are constantly walking around with an unbearable weight on your shoulders? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you feel this way because you are struggling with forgiveness. Not because of what anyone has done to you but because of what you have done to someone else and are now doing to yourself. 
    When you are full of anger and resentment life can become a series of days and nights that just merge into one, the clock ticks, the months and the years go by and before you know it you are old, grey and bitter! This is not what you were put on earth to do. You have a purpose and a destiny that is greater than your mind can conceive if only you were to clear the weeds of negative energy out of your way and trust that there is something better for you than the self hate that you are carrying. 
    You can live a fulfilling, joyful and peaceful life free from the bondage of unforgiveness if you choose to. Everything in life is a choice, the only person who can take you out of the pit and into the palace is you and this all starts with a choice. A choice to forgive yourself for the wrongs you have committed and choose to live in a place of abundance and joy. You can learn how to do this today by reading the book “Everyone Screws Up” by author K.C. Smith.
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    Pregnancy is no walk in the park, and being the rock your partner and future child need is an enormous undertaking.  
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    ●    A step-by-step guide on what to do during D-day (delivery day),  
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  • The Binary Secret - Binary Options are no magic - cover

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    Helmut Strauss

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    Dear reader,
    I am very happy that you have found your way to 'The binary secret'. First, I would like to briefly introduce myself: My name is Helmut Strauss, I am in my early forties, happily married, and have two children. We live in a small town in Germany. 
    I am not a financial expert, nor am I a financial service provider. I am a carpenter by trade, and run my own shop. With this shop, I have fulfilled a dream of mine. In the past, I gladly let my hard-earned money work for me in the financial sector. Unfortunately, like almost everybody, the financial crisis hit me pretty hard back in 2008. This is why, after the collapse, I initially switched over to other investment opportunities, which were only partially tied to the financial sector. But among those products, I didn't find anything suitable for me either; not something I could stand behind 100%. That's why I invested all of my money into my shop, and grew it into a small, thriving enterprise.
    My wife takes care of customer relations, while I immerse myself in my carpentry work.
    As we all know, life writes its own story, and so it happened, that a customer of mine told me about the subject of binary options. The idea of enabling somebody to trade stocks, currencies, indices and commodities in a simple manner fascinated me more and more. I started making inquiries, research the legalities, and began involving my wife. Suddenly, the desire grew in me to try my hand at trading with binary options. Now, I wanted to trade myself. My wife doesn't know a thing about the financial sector, and has refused to busy herself with it for as long as I've known her. Therefore I expected it to be difficult to convince her to approve of my wish. 
    But after an evening at a friend`s house, during which our host expressed a keen interest in the subject, she too started pricking her ears. 
    We talked about the subject, she listened attentively, and the idea to publish an e-book about the subject of binary options was born. My sister worked as an editor at a publishing house at the time, so the idea of using her experience and contacts was self-evident. 
    My order books were full and I was in the middle of production for a few dozen customers.
    But after I had showed my two women everything, and had explained to them the concept of 'Binary Options', they were also on fire and were ecstatic about the idea to give everyone the chance to participate in the trading of stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. And that without risk, and with only small financial exposure. A market, which until recently was reserved exclusively for the wealthy, was now accessible for practically everybody! Hence it was clear to us that this e-book had the highest priority over everything else. 
    Our family is very social-minded and we like to help people. This mind-set is reflected in the 'Concept of Brokerage Houses'; this is why it fits perfectly into our life and our day-to-day business.
    After a long and very intense test phase, in which I thoroughly investigated several portals, I can now with a clear conscience depict my findings in this book. For a few weeks, I made it my full-time job to research binary options. I sacrificed my complete annual vacation! During that time, I talked with many people from that sector, combed through forums and watched instructional videos. I tested trading on various platforms, and got my own picture of this wonderful new market. 
    After all these weeks I am increasingly enthusiastic about the subject of binary options and now can't wait to share my experiences with you. I have tried to make the specific terminology of the market comprehensible as much as possible, because unfortunately the financial sector has its own language, and to make the subject accessible to you, where possible, in an entertaining and vivid manner. 
    I have also dealt with the subject of auto-binary options, a simple way to trade without any previous knowledge.
    Have fun reading! 
    Helmut Strauss
    This ebook was realised with the friendly assistance of:
    Cedar Finance:
    Regal Option:
    24 Option:
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    David Kundtz

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    Learn how to step back when life’s pace gets overwhelming in this insightful guide to mental balance and wellbeing. 
    We are always on the go. Balancing work, family, friends, and everything in between is a never-ending cycle that can easily lead to burnout. It becomes easy to forget the beauty of the smaller moments. Sometimes we even forget ourselves. In Stopping, Dr. David Kundtz offers a simple yet powerful corrective to the manic pace of modern life. 
    Stopping is a gift to yourself: a chance to breathe and regain a clearer vision of who and where you are. Stopping helps you find your inner balance and get a fresh perspective on your day, the challenges ahead, or your life overall. Kundtz tells you how and when to stop—whether it’s a momentary pause or a longer period of quiet and stillness—and gives you insights into the key questions you should be asking. 
    With this valuable guide, you will learn to:Connect with the spiritual aspects of your lifeAcknowledge when you need to take a step backUse proper coping tactics to create healthier habits
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  • Drinking Hot Water - The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water and Other Habits That can Lead to Healthy Living - cover

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    An ice-cold glass of water on a warm day sounds like an appealing suggestion to many, and it’s like the done thing in your neighborhood. But it might surprise you to know that outside the Western world, drinking cold water is seen as positively bizarre.  
    Indeed, in Asian, and particularly Chinese, cultures, drinking cold water is not only strange, but very rarely done.  
    With roots in Chinese medicinal practices, instead of cold water on a hot day, hot water is the drink of choice.  
    It sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? As odd to us as drinking cold water is to Eastern culture. But is there something to it?  
    Inside Drinking Hot Water, you’ll learn why switching to hot water might be the right move for you with key information like:  
    ●     the millennia of history of hot water drinking in Asian culture and how the practice became integral to healthy living  
    ●     the theories and evidence for the health benefits of drinking warm water  
    ●     the multitude of negative impacts of many of our daily drinks, like energy and soft drinks  
    ●     a variety of health tips from Asian medicine that you can adopt in your daily life to improve your health  
    Drinking hot water is something you can learn to not only do, but love doing, when you understand the myriad health improvements you can gain from it.  
    You’ll also pick up tips on food, sleep, and lifestyle that will help you get even more from what Asian culture has to offer.  
    If you’re looking for a simple lifestyle change, backed up by thousands of years of testing, then try Drinking Hot Water, and from there, take a journey of positive changes to improve your health!
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