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The Natural Philosophy of Love - cover

The Natural Philosophy of Love

Remy de Gourmont

Translator Ezra Pound

Publisher: Good Press

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Remy de Gourmont's 'The Natural Philosophy of Love' delves into the complexities and nuances of human emotions, particularly focusing on the concept of love. This philosophical treatise combines elements of psychology, sociology, and literature to explore the various forms, motivations, and consequences of love in a thought-provoking manner. Gourmont's writing style is both lyrical and analytical, drawing on his vast knowledge of literature and philosophy to present a comprehensive study of the subject. His unique approach to dissecting the nature of love offers readers a deep insight into the human experience and relationships. The book is a significant contribution to the field of philosophical inquiry into matters of the heart. Gourmont's intellectual curiosity and keen observations make this work a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of love and its impact on individuals and society. 'The Natural Philosophy of Love' is recommended for readers seeking a thoughtful exploration of the emotional landscape and the role of love in shaping human interactions.
Available since: 11/25/2019.
Print length: 292 pages.

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    - National Education Policy 2020 
    - Tech Funda: This section provides a practical information or tip to the students. 
    - Clickipedia: This section provides interesting computer facts. 
    - In The Lab: This is a lab activity to develop practical skills. (Subject Enrichment) 
    - Explore More: This section contains supplement topics for add-on knowledge. 
    - QR Code: Scan the QR Code given on the first page of each chapter to start chapter animation. 
    - Project Work: This is an assessment to challenge the students to apply the concepts learnt. 
    Touchpad MODULAR (Version 1.1) series based on Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 is designed carefully keeping in mind the overall growth of the children. We have divided this book into modules and provided the student with focused content. The simple and step-by-step approach used in this book makes the content very easy to understand for the students. 
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    ●      Proven steps to help you use the power of private labeling and branding to differentiate yourself from competitors and induce customer loyalty 
    ●      ...and tons more! 
    Even if you have zero experience with ecommerce and have never built an online store before, or you have a store and are searching for proven ways to skyrocket your sales, the information contained in this guide has all you need to take your Shopify store to the next level.
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  • A Magical Night Journey - cover

    A Magical Night Journey

    Amy T Won

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    A beautifully illustrated guidebook to unleash the enchanted explorer in you and help you embark on a voyage through the night to find the wonder and wisdom of nature and creativity.
    Become the wonder-seeker you truly are as you explore the night. In this magical book, Amy T. Won, artist and guide, takes you on a personal creative night journey, exploring nocturnal wildlife and plants, twilight fairy tales and celestial myths, constellations and the cycles of the moon, and personal recollections of the night, such as camping or evening festivities. Amy's dreamy watercolour paintings of the enchanting night are interspersed with practical activities for the reader and fill-in pages to encourage you to record your experience. Through this exploration, connecting to your senses and examining your memories, you can learn your fears and hopes and develop your creativity to find inspiration. Capture the feeling of wonderment and creative flow, explore to your heart's delight and experience the magic-making. Allow the world around you to whisper in your ears what you wish most to create.
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    Frances Ward

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    Christians often find it difficult to talk or preach or engage with the possibility of climate catastrophe and an uninhabitable earth, for the questions are enormous. Faith in God needs to engage with the reality of the tragic loss of creation through anthropogenic impact.
    If we're living in the end times, then how should we live? Wracked with grief, anxiety and guilt, with foreboding deep as death? How is it possible to live hopefully, even as we face realistically the inevitability of the radical impact of an unpredictable climate, rising sea levels, the collapse of biodiversity? How do we remain faithful to God and loving to our neighbour, particularly if our neighbours are exiles and immigrants because their homes are no longer inhabitable? What do we tell our children and grandchildren, so they don't grow up completely overwhelmed by anxiety, such that mental illness levels continue to soar?
    Frances Ward attempts to think through some of these questions; to continue to have faith, hope, and love in response to God. It is a Christian response to eco-anxiety, a theological and contemplative reflection to sustain a fierce hope that hopes against hope. It is a deep lament that provokes a fierce hope to enable humanity to live life to the full, like there's no tomorrow.
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