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Protectors 2: Heroes - Protectors Anthologies #2 - cover

Protectors 2: Heroes - Protectors Anthologies #2

Reed Farrel Coleman, Laird Barron, Harlan Ellison, Joelle Charbonneau, Joyce Carol Oates, Joe R. Lansdale, Andrew Vachs, Charles de Lint, Josh Stallings, Hilary Davidson, David Morrell, Linda Rodriguez, Alison Arngrim, Bracken MacLeod, Clare Toohey, Chad Eagleton, Scott Adlerberg

Publisher: Goombah Gumbo Press

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55 Stories to benefit Protect, the political lobby of the National Association to Protect Children, whose victories include the Circle of Trust act and the HERO Corps, which hires wounded veterans to assist law enforcement in hunting online predators.  
Contributors include Andrew Vachss, Joyce Carol Oates, Harlan Ellison®, David Morrell, Laird Barron, Linda Rodriguez, Charles de Lint, Hilary Davidson, Joe R. Lansdale, Joelle Charbonneau, Reed Farrel Coleman, SJ Rozan, and Alison Arngrim. 600 pages of fiction of all genres, poems and art, essays and memoirs, to fund one cause: to protect children from abuse and exploitation of all kinds.   
Table of Contents:  
When!? by Linda Sarah  
The Questions by Alison Arngrim  
City Water by Allison Glasgow  
Black and White and Red All Over by David Morrell  
Silvia Reyes by P.J. Ward  
Plan B by Andrew Vachss  
Gatekeeper by Richard Prosch  
The Night Watch by Susan Schorn  
One Night in Brownsville by Gary Phillips  
Silverfish by S.J. Rozan  
Parental Guidance by Scott Adlerberg  
Superhero, With Crooked Nails by Rachael Acks  
Angel by Terrence McCauley  
Mr. Nance by Linda Rodriguez  
Something I Said by Bracken MacLeod  
El Puente by Rios de la Luz  
Mesquite by Graham Wynd  
Level 5 by C.R. Jahn  
On the Road to La Grange by Karina Cooper  
Reprisals: Enmity by John A. Curley  
The Whistler in the Graveyard by Chad Eagleton (illustration by Dyer Wilk)  
Solar Highway by S.A. Solomon  
Jibber Jabber by Reed Farrel Coleman  
Doll: A Poem by Jyl Anais Ion (illustrations by Jyl Anais Ion)  
Doggone Justice by Joe R. Lansdale  
The Occurrence of the Black Mirror by Teel James Glenn  
Sister Cecilia by Hilary Davidson  
Croatoan by Harlan Ellison®  
Little Howl on the Prairie by Thomas Pluck  
Things Held Dear by Neliza Drew  
49 Foot Woman Straps It On by Laird Barron  
Moon Over the Midwest by Elizabeth Amber Love  
Sixth Floor by Albert Tucher  
Adamsville by Clare Toohey  
Point of View by Will Graham  
High Meadow Storm by Wayne Dundee  
Out of Context by Joelle Charbonneau  
Lone by Alex Segura (illustrations by Dennis Calero)  
Love and Valour on ‘the Victorian Titanic’ by Gill Hoffs  
Just Pretend by Martyn Waites  
Freak by Charles de Lint  
The New Heroes of the Old Fairgrounds by K.L. Pereira  
When the Hammer Comes Down by Josh Stallings  
Stretching Fifteen by Angel Luis Colón  
Bounty by Jerry Bloomfield  
Light-Bringer by Laura K. Curtis  
Hercules and the Spawn of the Titans by Michael A. Black  
How to Paint Your Dragon by Andrew D’Apice  
Don’t Fear the Ripper by Holly West Two Views by Tim Daly  
A Hundred Pearls by Errick Nunnally  
Snapshots by Christopher Irvin  
Deceit by Joyce Carol Oates  
The Perfect Weapon by Zak Mucha  
An Open Letter to the Children of the Secret by Dionysios Dionou  
Behavior is Truth by Gwyndyn T. Alexander  
Pigeons for Protect! by Linda Sarah 

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