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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Kiana - The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles #1 - cover

The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Kiana - The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles #1

Rayne Forrest, KC Kendricks

Publisher: White Deer Enterprises/White Deer Books

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Captain Ian Logan of Terra commands one of the most powerful starships ever built, the Rea Cheveyo. As the captain of the flagship of the League of Aligned Worlds, Ian has the authority and the latitude to get things done. When the Adonican mystic, Kiana ni Jamallan, maneuvers her way onto his ship, Ian is caught in her spell. 
Kiana knows her superiors are corrupt. She needs Ian’s help to get the proof. When the crew of ship vanishes without a trace, Kiana and Ian race against time to uncover the truth behind the ghost ship - a truth that threatens to separate them forever behind Adonica’s wall of secrecy. 
Knowing Ian, or any offworlder, is against everything Kiana has been taught. She has a destiny, one she must fulfill, and it doesn’t include taking a human lover. But rules are made to be broken. Kiana won’t walk away from Ian, and the passion found in his arms. Stepping into her destiny is both her freedom and the only way back to Ian. 
Kiana took a short, sharp breath and pursed her pink lips in aggravation. “I am the Adjutant here.” 
Ian wondered what she’d done to be given that position. There weren't more than fifteen Adonicans in permanent residence on Jericho Bruis. They hardly needed the long arm of Adonican law. 
God, she was a pretty little thing. 
He pushed that thought away before he did something unforgivable like smile at her. 
“Please allow me to extend my apologies for the behavior of my crewman.” Ian glanced at Heath. “If you wish, I will bring Lieutenant Parker to your office, and he will apologize.” 
The Adjutant glared at him. “Thy apology is accepted. But in the future, thee will instruct thy personnel to avoid coming under my notice.” Her gaze swept Ian from head to toe. His skin flushed hot in its wake. 
“Thee are arrogant. All of thee humans are.” She sneered. “I once believed us to be brothers and sisters, all children of Cromas. Now that I see thee up close, I know my mistake.” 
Pretty or not, Ian was at the end of his patience. He disliked being called arrogant, perhaps because it had the sting of being somewhat true upon occasion. 
“I know little of Cromas, being uneducated and ignorant as well as arrogant. Perhaps thee would have time to enlighten me.” 
“Now thee mock me. What else should I expect from such as thee? Enlightenment is wasted on many.” 
She turned on her heel and reached the door in three long strides. She stopped and looked back at Graham. 
“I regret to inform thee that Prefect Eilis ni Vashin has declined thy request to allow a ship to land at the spaceport of Fiv. Thee may, however, transfer cargo to a barge at Station Harit. I am sorry, Colonel Dayshaun, but I warned thee.” 
“Yes, you did. Nonetheless, I appreciate your efforts with your government.” Graham sounded politely disappointed. 
The woman nodded to him and disappeared through the door. 
“What a little spitfire,” Heath muttered. Ian turned and glared at him. 
“Post the word, Mr. Douglas. We know the Adonicans are xenophobic. They don’t wish to be involved with us, and we will respect their wishes.” Ian looked at Graham. “Did she really call us toads?” 
Graham nodded. “She’s in a good mood today.”

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