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The Rea Cheveyo Chonicles: Reza - The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles #3 - cover

The Rea Cheveyo Chonicles: Reza - The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles #3

Rayne Forrest, KC Kendricks

Publisher: White Deer Enterprises/White Deer Books

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Reza Breen holds the key to unlock the secret to her people's exile on the little planet of Colony. The very name of the people, Yahto, means exile. Or does it? 
Decimated by a plague of unknown origin, Reza, a healer, has fought to save the Yahto. Then an act of bravery makes her an outcast with an impossible future. Determined to save her people, she runs headlong into a sexy brick wall named Mick Coulter. 
Michael ‘Mick’ Coulter built his career as a crack trouble-shooter. Assigned as the first officer of the Rea Cheveyo, Mick is in the niche he wants to fill until his military career ends in a few short years. Then he's promoted to captain. His first assignment—protect a beautiful, stubborn outcast bent on courting danger. 
Getting command of the Rea Cheveyo is something Mick never expected. 
Neither is Reza Breen. 
She raised both fists to hammer on the door again when it slid open. Her fists landed on Mick’s bare chest instead. 
“Hey, lady!” He grabbed her wrists before she could hit him again. “What the hell did I do now?” He pulled her inside his cabin. 
“Let me go, you lorcani!” 
He pinned her arms to her sides, holding her tightly as she struggled against him. 
“I don’t think that is a term of endearment, is it?” He spun her around and gave her a little push. She landed on his sofa. He quickly held out his hands, palms open. 
“Just sit there and shut up, Reza.” 
She made a move to jump up and he backed up a step. 
“Behave, woman.” 
“How dare you put your hands on me,” she spat at him. His eyebrows shot up. 
“You hit me first. Or doesn’t that count?” 
“It’s not my fault the door opened when it did. Don’t you dare try and blame me for that!” 
He moved towards her, eyes narrowed. A jolt of panic shot through her. He looked really angry. She slid across the sofa, trying to reach the other end and flee. It was too late. He pounced, straddling her. She yelled at him. 
“Get off me!” 
He managed to grab her wrists again. “Settle down.” He grunted as her elbow landed a blow to his stomach. 
“Let me go! How can you do this to Shelby?” 
“Do what to Shelby?” he growled, hauling her upright and pinning her shoulders to the back of the sofa. “Now be still, woman, or I won’t let go of you.” 
She kicked his shin with the hard toe of her shoe. He yelped. 
“That hurt!” He slung her over his shoulder. She bucked against him, struggling to break free of his hold. 
He carried her into the corridor and unceremoniously dropped her on her bottom on the deck. He glared down at her. 
“We’ll talk when you stop beating on me!” He turned and re-entered his cabin. His door began to close between them. She hopped to her feet and charged the door, making it through before it closed. He spun and grabbed her. 
“You’re pissing me off, Reza.” He grabbed her and yanked her back to the sofa. He twisted and she sprawled face down across his knees. 
His hand descended with some force on her bottom. It stung enough to bring tears of anger to her eyes. 
“How dare you!” she shouted at him. She twisted to get away from him and landed on the floor. He was on her in a flash. 
She froze as his weight pinned her to the floor. He was long and lean, muscled and all male. And he smelled like clean, fresh snow. 
“I’m going to regret this, Reza,” he whispered. His mouth took hers. 
Surprise coursed through her, followed by a burst of intense pleasure that quickly gave way to outrage. 
Oh, yes. He was going to regret putting his hands on her.

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