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The Inner Child - cover

The Inner Child

Raúl Micieli

Publisher: Editrice Italica

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This book is dedicated with profound love to all the children all over the world, to the youngest ones and to those that every person carry inside, no matter their age.
I decree that this humble work can be helpful so that every human being may fully manifest their own Wonder Child.
I wish to thank my beloved son Ulises, who gave me a chance to be a father and that I have always seen, and I forever will, as the Wonder Child.
Thank you

In my opinion, the teaching and the concept of the "Inner Child" that many therapists, psychologists, and light workers from the most different disciplines, schools and philosophies are developing throughout the world is an inspiration given by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Entities, particularly by our Beloved Mother Mary, Mother Kwan Yin, Mother Mercedes, Lady Master Meta, Beloved Ascended Master Koot Hoomi, and of course, by our Beloved Master Saint Germain, Avatar for the Age of Aquarius. This teaching is offered to us with the aim of helping humanity get free of the darkness, suffering and limitation, so that we rapidly manifest a permanent Golden Age, in which everything will be perfection, love and light.
That is why I chose to discuss this subject from the perspective of the metaphysical teachings of the new age.

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