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PC Master Race - A Beginner's Guide To PC Gaming - cover

PC Master Race - A Beginner's Guide To PC Gaming

Raúl Jiménez

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Unlock The Power Of The Ultimate Gaming Machine
Years ago, the personal computer was used only as a tool meant to quickly solve complicated conundrums, but through the decades, has evolved into what is considered by many, as the ultimate gaming system.
In this guide for beginners, you will learn about:
The early history of computers, and how we got to the modern Pc’s of today.How and where to find the best games, and deals.How to play backups of old console and arcade classics through emulation.How to mod your games, so you can have free new content.How to plug (almost) any controller input.What is the meaning of V-sync, framerate, anti-aliasing, and other fancy terms, and how to tweak your game settings so they work better within your system specs.What hardware is best for you, budget, and tech wise.The basics on how to build and upgrade a PC, and how to make sure all the parts are compatible with each other.The best companies that will build the gaming rig of your dreams for you.The basics on how to generate income streaming your gameplay.How and where to find support if you are having any trouble.
This and many more tips and secrets, are condensed into this book, made for people who are somewhat afraid of leaving the easygoing plug and play comfort of a gaming console, and enter into the versatile and customizable world of PC gaming.
Go Beyond Your Gaming Console, Join The PC Master Race Now!!

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    Cancer is a slowly developing illness. In the early stage it is, barring a few notable exceptions, not fatal.
       Addressed to the layman, the reader learns why and under what conditions cancer is curable – in the stage of early cancer, also called carcinoma in situ. The emphasis lies on making the physician the patient's ally, in order to catch cancer at its very earliest stages, in which it can most definitely be cured. 
       Treat your body as well as you treat your car. Regular “service” conducted by your physician according to Redtenbacher's manual will save you from dying of cancer.
       It is totally up to you that you do everything within your power to detect “Colorectal cancer” at the very beginning, when it is absolutely curable.
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    •How the Linux OS Works 
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    •How to configure the Linux Environment 
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    •How to Install Nextcloud 
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    •Linux Server Hardening 
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    •Accepting the Docker Ecosystem 
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  • The Emergency State - America's Pursuit of Absolute Security at All Costs - cover

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    In The Emergency State, leading global affairs commentator David C. Unger reveals the hidden costs of America's obsessive pursuit of absolute national security. In the decades since World War II, presidents from both parties have assumed broad war-making powers never intended by the Constitution and intervened abroad to preserve our credibility rather than our security, while trillions of tax dollars have been diverted from essential domestic needs to the Pentagon. Yet ironically, this pursuit has not just damaged our democracy and undermined our economic strength-it has also failed to make us safer.In a penetrating work of historical analysis, Unger explains how this narrow-minded emphasis on security came to distort our political life and shows how we can change course. As Unger reminds us, in the first 150 years of the American republic, the United States valued limited military intervention abroad and the checks and balances put in place by the founding fathers. Yet American history took a sharp turn during World War II, when we began to build a vast and cumbersome complex of national security institutions, reflexes, and beliefs. Originally designed to wage hot war against Germany and cold war against the Soviet Union, our security bureaucracy is no longer effective at confronting the elusive, non-state-supported threats we now face.The Emergency State traces a series of missed opportunities-from the so-called Year of Intelligence in 1975 to the end of the cold war to 9/11-when we could have paused to rethink our defense strategy and didn't. We have ultimately failed to dismantle our outdated national security state, Unger argues, because both parties are equally responsible for its expansion. While countless books have exposed the damage wrought by George W. Bush's war on terror, Unger shows it was only the natural culmination of decades of bipartisan emergency state logic-and argues that Obama, along with many previous Democratic presidents, has failed to shift course in any meaningful way.In this provocative and incisive book, Unger proposes a radically different paradigm that would better address our security needs while also working to reverse the damage done to our democratic institutions and economic vitality.
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  • Letters on Wave Mechanics - Correspondence with H A Lorentz Max Planck and Erwin Schrödinger - cover

    Letters on Wave Mechanics -...

    Albert Einstein

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    A lively collection of Einstein’s groundbreaking scientific correspondence on modern physics Imagine getting four of the greatest minds of modern physics in a room together to explain and debate the theories and innovations of their day. This is the fascinating experience of reading Letters on Wave Mechanics, the correspondence between H. A. Lorentz, Max Planck, Erwin Schrödinger, and Albert Einstein. These remarkable letters illuminate not only the basis of Schrödinger’s work in wave mechanics, but also how great scientific minds debated and challenged the ever-changing theories of the day and ultimately embraced an elegant solution to the riddles of quantum theory. Their collected correspondence offers insight into both the personalities and professional aspirations that played a part in this theoretical breakthrough. This authorized ebook features rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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    Readings in Database Systems (commonly known as the "Red Book") has offered readers an opinionated take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management since 1988. This is the Fifth Edition of the Red Book — the first in over ten years. 
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