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Money Games - 85 Fun Ways to Save Money and Attract Abundance - cover

Money Games - 85 Fun Ways to Save Money and Attract Abundance

Randy Petrick

Publisher: iUniverse

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Imagine the giant smile on your face when: 
You've broken free from the pressures of debtYou're out from under all those lousy billsYou're saving money like never beforeYou've dramatically changed your financial life for the better 
The tools are in your hands to bring all of these changes into your life. In Money Games, experienced business professional Randy Petrick offers a collection of eighty-five activities and lessons for people who are not wealthy but would like to be. 
Twenty-eight years ago, Petrick's net worth was $1,500. Today, he's rapidly approaching multimillionaire status. By following the action steps outlined in Money Games, Petrick believes almost anyone can acquire significant assets and have fun doing it. 
Money Games includes family games, thinking games, adventure games, magical games, even bedtime games! All of them are simple and easy to play. Ducks, sawdust, sunglasses, and trombones have never been more fun or more financially rewarding. 
A fun and clever approach to financial planning, Money Games is full of delightful and inventive ideas to help you escape from debt and despair.

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  • The Gratitude Effect - Shift your mindset Optimize your outcomes and Boost emotional well-being - cover

    The Gratitude Effect - Shift...

    Richard J Cavaness

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    In this book you will discover the most MASSIVELY UNDERUTILIZED TOOL for improving life-satisfaction and overall happiness in your life!  
     Are you settling in life for mediocrity and look at life from a glass ½ empty perspective?  Do you feel frustrated by your mental, emotional, and physically energy levels because they are not where you want them to be?  Are you looking for happiness in all the wrong places and cannot seem to find joy with your life today?  
    The truth is it’s not in what you have, or do, or surround yourself with that actually determines your happiness in life.  When you understand that your mindset and how you think is 100% responsible for the outcomes in your life, then you have opened yourself up to the one way of being that will change your life forever.  That is living a life of Gratitude.   Gratitude is the catalyst that fuels a positive mental attitude.  
    Gratitude is the simple, scientifically proven way to decrease stress, low energy, and attracting negative influences into our lives, but increase happiness and encourage greater joy, love, peace, and optimism into our lives.
    Relying on both amusing personal experiences and extensive research, Rich explores how gratitude can transform every aspect of life including marriage and friendship, money and ambition, and health and fitness. At the end of every chapter is an application section to help you learn, apply, and excel.  
    This easy to read, short, yet power packed book will dramatically increase your personal well-being, your mental mindset  and your personal outlook on life and your relationships. 
     In this book you will learn how to: 
    •           Have the power each day to determine the direction of your thoughts and the direction of your life because negativity and gratitude cannot live in the same place! 
    •           Reframe your past so you can be grateful for where you are today. 
    •           Boost physical, emotional, and mental well-being with gratitude every day 
    •           Understand that happiness and gratitude are connected to each other 
    •           Develop gratitude in your life in 7 powerful ways 
    •           Fend off the negative activities that keep you from being grateful 
    Rich gives you the tools you need to live your life in gratitude which includes a 66 day challenge to form the habit of Gratitude in your life.   
    Now, invest in yourself and scroll to the top of this page and buy the book and get started on living your best YOU today!
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  • The Art of Work - A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do - cover

    The Art of Work - A Proven Path...

    Jeff Goins

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    Jeff Goins, a brilliant new voice counting Seth Godin and Jon Acuff among his fans, explains how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with true passion and purpose. The path to your life’s work is difficult and risky, even scary, which is why few finish the journey. This is a book about discovering your life’s work, that treasure of immeasurable worth we all long for. It’s about the task you were born to do.      As Jeff Goins explains, the search begins with passion but does not end there. Only when our interests connect with the needs of the world do we begin living for a larger purpose. Those who experience this intersection experience something exceptional and enviable. Though it is rare, such a life is attainable by anyone brave enough to try.  Through personal experience, compelling case studies, and current research on the mysteries of motivation and talent, Jeff shows readers how to find their vocation and what to expect along the way.
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  • About Face - cover

    About Face

    Ko Tan

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    "For years, many friends, students, family members, and strangers have asked me the same question: How do I maintain my youthful look and zest for life? After publishing my first book and with the help of many amazing friends, I have decided to write a book that answers this question. In About Face there are numerous natural concepts and information about staying healthy, looking young and vibrant, from various sources.  
    Everything you think and feel is reflected on your face. What others see on your face depends on many factors in your life including diet and nutrition, your emotions, inherited and genetic factors, your natural disposition, the state of your health, and the amount, causes and duration of stresses in your life. Beyond emotional and mental stress other contributing factors come from environmental pollutants, injury, and surgery. Your youthfulness and vitality, at any age, also has a lot to do with your attitude. You are in control of a great many contributing factors relating to your radiant health and youthfulness. If you apply even just a few of the suggestions provided in this book, you truly can be younger than your chronological age.  
    Reflexology always has been a large part of what I do as a bodywork therapist. The effectiveness of lymphatic drainage techniques have been an important element of my personal practice. The Meridian Body Therapy explored here has never failed to produce consistent results in improving my life and the lives of my clients. My knowledge of medicinal herbs, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, common domestically found ingredients for use in different formulas are just a few other concepts I practice and have combined in this book.  
    About Face is holistic in nature. It addresses all the components of health and vitality and gives you practical and easy recipes and techniques, which will add quality to your life when applied to your face and body regularly. This work is a unique combination of many individual concepts including: 
    •    Face Reflexology                 
    •    Lymphatic drainage technique                
    •    Meridian/acupuncture points on the face        
    •    Lifestyle and its contribution to skin conditions 
    •    Natural skin care remedies and recipes
    •    Herbs and essential oils
    •    Movement and exercise
    •    Techniques and routines for rebalancing the face with:
    -    Relaxation
    -    Toning
    -    Face Lift 
    No matter what your age, radiant health, and youthful vitality are in your hands and at the tips of your fingers!"
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  • Breast Health the Natural Way - cover

    Breast Health the Natural Way

    Deborah Gordon, Deborah Mitchell

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    Discover the road to breast health and overall well-beingOnly about 10% of breast cancer is linked to heredity and genes; the majority is associated with lifestyle and environmental factors. This means that you can take control of your breast health-and work to prevent cancer and many other common breast problems.Written by two authorities in complementary medicine and women's health issues, Breast Health the Natural Way is a compassionate guide that combines mainstream and alternative medical advice, nutrition, exercise, and mind-body medicine into a simple, five-step program you can follow to ensure the health of your breasts. With reassuring understanding of women's concerns, Dr. Deborah Gordon explains:* Healthy food choices for breast health-including powerful cancer-fighting sources* Hormone therapy and how to decide if it's right for you* Exercise and meditation/visualization techniques to cut your breast cancer risk * How to perform a breast self-examination properly* How to understand and deal with breast changes during pregnancy* Other breast conditions, including cyclic fibrocystic changes, breast pain, nipple discharge, implants, breast reconstruction, mastectomy, and more. Uniquely created from a woman's perspective, Breast Health the Natural Way offers you a wellspring of insight along with the information and tools you need to ensure the health of your breasts-and the rest of your body.
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  • Moontrotters - cover


    Thomas Sir

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    American twins rescued from certain death by time-travelling moon-dwellers from the far future, recruiting raw muscle power, who appreciate the female form used ingeniously in pony role. Every variation imaginable on the theme, including two and four-footed ponies. Lots to delight any pony-girl or bondage fan, with full descriptions of their heavy, yet elegant harnesses.
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  • Understanding the Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind Hypnosis and Other “Effective” Healing Options - Alternative Healing Options - cover

    Understanding the Power of the...

    Franchot Peter Moore Sr.

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    This book primarily deals with highlighting the existence, power, and function of the subconscious mind and its relationship to the manufacture of personal reality. It emphasizes the working of the sub-conscious mind is creating all aspects of our health and personal experience. It delves into the relationship of our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations in relation to our personal accomplishments or defeats and presents suggestions for managing personal experiences and initiating self-transformation. It highlights the impact of our individual and collective thoughts, principally as it relates to our acceptance of certain established beliefs, which we hold as facts about reality. It offers an understanding of the practice of self-hypnosis as one of the alternative and effective medium for treating with a variety of personal dilemmas and for removing obstacles and impediments to success.
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