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I am Harmony - A Book About Babaji - cover

I am Harmony - A Book About Babaji

Radhe Shyam

Publisher: Reichel Verlag

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There is a tradition of Babaji that goes back thousands of years. Twice in the past hundred years, Babaji has appeared, lived and taught in the tiny village of Haidakhan in the Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas. In the 1890's, He built the temple on the top of the hill where the Ashram is located. During His ministry from 1970 to 1984, nine small temples and several more ashram buildings were built. His association with the village and ashram has given Him the name of Haidakhan Baba, among many other names.
Babaji comes to teach humanity a way of life which He summed up in the words, "Live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and practice Karma Yoga." He taught that the whole of Creation is the manifestation of the Divine Energy and that humankind must learn to live in harmony and unity with all of the created universe. The Energy of The Divine is in every created element and all things must be treated with love and respect.
Babaji said of Haidakhan: "Here in Haidakhan the old world has been destroyed. I am teaching you this: The New World begins from here! I want you to be happy and in peace."
Available since: 10/13/2016.

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    The Joy of Simplicity is...A reminder that it is possible to achieve a state of peace and harmony in today’s fast-paced worldA collection of quotes to make you smile, laugh, and reflect on what you really need in your lifeA wonderful gift for those looking for serenity and focus in the midst of a fast-paced world 
    Praise for The Joy of Simplicity 
    “A wonderfully straightforward and effective take on simplifying one’s life. Reading it gave me the perfect combination of motivation and relaxation at the same time.” —Cassandra Aarssen, author of Real Life Organizing/DESC> 
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     SEL024000 SELF-HELP / Self-Management / Stress Management 
    SEL004000 SELF-HELP / Affirmations 
    SEL021000 SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational 
    REF019000 REFERENCE / Quotations 
    Green Fig and Lionfish: Sustainable Caribbean Cooking 
    Allen Susser
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    Tired of 'Heavy' Spiritual Self-Help Books? Discover *Starlight* 
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    Whether you're a self-help novice or a pro, this book will inspire joy in the now and spark deeper wisdom in you. 
    It answers some of life's most troubling questions: 
    - Have you ever felt fearful of being alone? 
    - Or felt angry at being criticized? 
    - Or worry about the future? 
    - Do you sense that your potential lies unfulfilled? 
    - Is it tough to find inner calm when drowning in turmoil? 
    Then this book is for you. Because the practical, poetic, and empowering author guides you gently through these issues and more. 
    Wouldn't it be nice to soothe your feelings just by reading a bite-sized passage or two, gaining deep and heartfelt insights? 
    How would it feel to release excess body tension, think clearly about any issue, and live with a permanent breakthrough of confidence, understanding, and truth? 
    Would you like to inject a greater sense of purpose into your relationships, learn faster, and use mind mastery to transform your reality? 
    You deserve to have a happy, brilliant, and fulfilling life. 
    In fact, it's your birthright, but something has slowed most of us down. 
    That "something" is an "illness of society." One we all tend to suffer from (e.g., doubt, addiction, ignorance, vicious cycles, etc.). 
    But some people break the cycles. 
    And now you're at a turning point that decides whether you succumb to society's illness, or soar above it. 
    *Starlight* is the REMEDY!
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