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White Gold - cover

White Gold

Rachel Amphlett

Publisher: Rachel Amphlett

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A troubled past. A murdered friend. A bomb that will change the face of terrorism.

When Sarah Edgewater's ex-husband is murdered by a wealthy organisation hell-bent on protecting their assets, she turns to Dan Taylor: geologist, ex-soldier, and lost cause. 

Plunged into a global quest for answers, Dan and Sarah aren't just chasing the truth — they're chasing a bomb that, if detonated, will change the future of alternative energy research and the centre of England's capital forever. 

White Gold is an action-packed thriller and the first instalment of the Dan Taylor series. If you like Bond-esque heroes, fast-paced action, and international espionage, then you'll love this suspenseful spy tale.

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    In this dark and compulsive series somewhere along the lines of Fatal Attraction meets Unfaithful comes a thrilling, addictively suspenseful, and haunting story that grabs the reader, and holds them captive until the very end. For fans of psychological thrillers, suspense, and the forbidden, The Bedrock Series hands us a deceptively beautiful tale.  
    Addison Greyer has always been known for doing the right thing. Hoping to keep it that way, she fought like hell to avoid falling for the mysterious, highly successful, albeit broken man the world knows as William Hartman.  
    But there's just something about that which is forbidden...  
    Odds against them or not, there's something undeniable in the way he makes her feel.  
    As the pressure mounts, Addison soon realizes the price she'll pay to keep everyone else happy.  
    Until it becomes pretty clear that some rules were made to be broken.  
    In the highly anticipated sequel to Bedrock, Addison learns that you can't help who you fall in love with--and it almost never happens the way you think it should.  
    If you enjoy dark reads and mystery and suspense, you'll love Britney King's bestselling psychological thrillers. More than 100K downloads. Available in digital and print. Get to know unlikely heroine Addison Greyer before everyone else does.  
    ** Get all three books for just $6.99. Search "Bedrock Series 1-3" *** 
    Series Praise  
    "Clever, intense and addictive."  
    "A surprising debut. Epic storytelling full of edge- of- your- seat suspense." 
    "Hypnotic and breathtakingly romantic." 
    "Bold and in your face from the get-go." 
    "A twisty and edgy page-turner. The perfect psychological thriller."  
    "I read this novel in one sitting, captivated by the words on the page. The suspense was startling and well-done." 
    "Dark and complex."  
    "Exhilarating and suspenseful."  
    "A fascinating tale of marriage, secrets, and deception."  
    "Fast-paced and thrilling."  
    "A cunning tale that won't let go..."
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  • Resisting Alexandre (Knight Security 05) - Knight Security #05 - cover

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    Resisting Alexandre (Knight Security 0.5) is the introductory novella to USA Today Bestselling author, Carole Mortimer’s, new Knight Security series. (This novella was previously published as Alexandre (Knight Security 0.5) in Royals and Rogues, a 5 bestselling author anthology.) 
    Author’s Note: The stories in the Knight Security, Alpha, and Regency Unlaced Series, are more explicit in their language and sexual content than my other books. 
    Billionaire ruler of a Mediterranean principality, Prince Alexandre of Androcco took one look at Anastazia Carmichael and knew he wanted her. A royal prince who is denied nothing, he’s now determined to have her. 
    Stazzi doesn’t quite know what to make of the focused attention of Prince Alexandre of Androcco, a man known for his exploits in the bedroom as much as he is for his overwhelming good looks and wealth. She’s flattered, of course, and there’s no denying she feels the same thrill of attraction he does. But does he just want her as a plaything in his bed for the week he’s in England? Or is there more to the attraction? Either way, Stazzi is about to become engagement to another man, and as such should be totally immune to Alexandre’s hot pursuit. Except she isn’t… 
    Someone doesn’t want these two passionate people to be together, and is determined to put a stop to their budding relationship. Even if one of them has to die… 
    Carole Mortimer has written over 210 books, in contemporary and Regency romance, and is the Recipient of the prestigious 2015 Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author—ever. 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance author. Was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, for her “outstanding service to literature”.
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    Finders Keepers is a fast paced action thriller in the crime genre which 
    stands amongst the best British fiction on Kindle. Full of surprising twists and turns, this excellent criminal novel perfectly compliments Kris Lillyman's other action packed books.
    The story centres on Jake Sawyer, a man who has lost everything. His wife has left him for another and taken their two young children with her; his business is in ruins and he is sinking under the weight of serious debt.
    Unable to cope any longer with the crippling strain of his life, Jake is at breaking point and ready to end it all. But as he prepares to jump from a bridge into oblivion, his fortunes suddenly change. A car crashes right beside him killing the driver instantly - but in the wreck Jake finds a case full of priceless diamonds. Immediately seeing salvation and temporarily abandoning his sanity, he takes the case and escapes to Europe without barely considering the consequences of what he has done. However, this reckless and ill conceived plan sparks a relentless violence of action that spirals disastrously out of control.
    A worldwide hunt for the diamonds ensues in which Jake has to evade both the police and the vicious mercenaries who are the true owners of the stones. Along the way, he encounters murder, heartache and love in his desperate quest to find redemption, all the while being ceaselessly pursued around the globe.
    Finders Keepers is a breathtaking roller-coaster of a read that rattles along at blistering pace.
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  • The Bride's Kimono - cover

    The Bride's Kimono

    Sujata Massey

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    Antiques dealer Rei Shimura has managed to snag one of the most lucrative and prestigious jobs of her career: a renowned museum in Washington, D.C., has invited her to exhibit her kimonos and give a lecture on them. Accompanied by a  gaggle of Japanese office ladies bent on a week of shopping, Rei lands in the capital. But her big break could ultimately break her. Within hours one of the kimonos is stolen, and then Rei's passport is discovered in a shopping mall dumpster—on the dead body of one of the Japanese tourists. Trouble is only beginning, though, for now Rei's parents have arrived and so has her ex-boyfriend. To track down the kimono and unmask a killer, Rei's got to do some clever juggling, fast talking, and quick sleuthing, or this trip home could be her last.
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  • Dead of Night - Sloane Monroe Series #6 - cover

    Dead of Night - Sloane Monroe...

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    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling mystery and thriller author Cheryl Bradshaw:  
    After her mother-in-law is fatally stabbed, Wren Bancroft is seen fleeing the house with the bloody knife. Is Wren really the killer, or is a dark, scandalous family secret to blame? 
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  • Slight Mourning - cover

    Slight Mourning

    Catherine Aird

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    In this classic parlor mystery from CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan investigates a dinner party that ended in murder Twelve friends sit down for supper at Strontfield Park—but only eleven survive the evening. After dinner, the host, William Fent, offers to drive one of his guests home, only to die behind the wheel in a violent accident. The autopsy shows that Fent ingested enough barbiturates to kill a horse.   So begins a fresh tale of murder and deceit for Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan, whose list of suspects begins and ends with the surviving dinner guests. Among them are a theologian at the local university; Dr. and Mrs. Washby, whose wedding was the cause for celebration; Ursula Renville, tall, graceful, and utterly aloof; the fat and extravagant Mr. and Mrs. Marchmont; the spinster Miss Paterson; the rector’s daughter, Cynthia Paterson; Quentin Fent, heir to the Fent fortune; and Mr. Fent’s wife, the now-widowed Helen. Each of the guests had the opportunity to kill William Fent. But which one wanted him dead?
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