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Unrest - cover


Pway Ngon Yeng

Translator Jeremy Tiang

Publisher: Balestier Press

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When the fervour of revolution is gone, what remains?
Four leftist teenagers in 1950s Malaya dedicate themselves to overthrowing colonialism and bringing about a better world. With time, their paths diverge — into capitalism, into adultery, into the dark heart of the Cultural Revolution. Disillusioned and middle-aged, they look back at their lives from the prosperous but soulless 1980s, wondering what has become of their dreams and ideals.
Winner of the Singapore Literature Prize

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    "Fun, exciting, thoughtful, suspenseful" 
    "An awesome power packed modern story" 
    "Well-written, fast-paced story with exceptional, captivating characters" 
    "Brilliant characters whose layers are revealed, tantalisingly, in each story" 
    "A WOW of a story" 
    Save when you buy the set!
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