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The Zebra Murders - A Season of Killing Racial Madness and Civil Rights - cover

The Zebra Murders - A Season of Killing Racial Madness and Civil Rights

Prentice Earl Sanders, Bennett Cohen

Publisher: Arcade Publishing

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“This look at a largely forgotten reign of terror in San Francisco in 1973 and 1974 is an interesting . . . true police procedural.” —Publishers Weekly 
On October 20, 1973, in San Francisco, a white couple strolling down Telegraph Hill was set upon and butchered by four young black men. Thus began a reign of terror that lasted six months and left fifteen whites dead and the entire city in a state of panic. The perpetrators wanted nothing less than a race war.  
With pressure on the San Francisco Police Department mounting daily, young homicide detectives Prentice Earl Sanders and his colleague Rotea Gilford—both African-American—were as- signed to the cases. The problem was: Sanders and Gilford were in the midst of a trail-blazing suit against the SFPD for racial discrimination, which in those days was rampant. The backlash was immediate. The force needed Sanders’s and Gilford’s knowledge of the black community to help stem the brutal murders, but the SFPD made it known that in a tight situation, no white back-up would be forthcoming. In those impossible conditions—the oppressive white power structure on one hand, the violent black radicals on the other—Sanders and Gilford knew they were sitting ducks. Against all odds, they set out to find those guilty of the Zebra Murders and bring them to justice. This is their incredible story. 
“A riveting read . . . The Zebra Murders is notable for its steady, measured prose, and its unblinking reporting of the people, cultures, and events of that turbulent time . . . Much more than a straightforward true crime report.” —Lisa’s List, WHRO Radio
Available since: 05/01/2011.
Print length: 362 pages.

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    The brutal rapes, mutilation, murders and stories by the following killers will be laid forth: 
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    Jack the Ripper 
    Luis Garavito 
    Ahmad Suradji 
    Charles Cullen 
    William Bonin 
    Plus, 8 other topics!
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