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Apology - cover


Plato Plato

Publisher: Charles River Editors

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Plato, along with his teacher Socrates and student Aristotle, is one of the most famous and influential philosophers in history.  Plato founded the Academy in Athens which greatly helped develop philosophy and he was also instrumental in the development of Western religion and spirituality.  This edition of Apology includes a table of contents. 
Available since: 03/22/2018.

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    Are butches really so tough? Are vixens really so heartless? In Butch Girls Don't Cry, a self-proclaimed vintage tart encounters a mysterious stranger in her apartment building's sauna room. Much to her surprise, the hot butch is crying! Her heart's been trampled by a pretty girl in stiletto boots. Everybody knows a break-up cry, but will our femme prove herself a goddess when care gives way to desire? 
    A sizzling lesbian erotica short featuring butch/femme spankings and more!
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    Did you know that Loki is the father of the monstrous creatures that are prophesied to kill the gods of Asgard? 
    When Heimdall blows his horn to signal the beginning of Ragnarök, the gods of Asgard are left with no choice but to face the forces of chaos on the battlefield of Vigrid. This is when Loki and his monstrous sons, Jörmungandr the World Serpent and Fenrir the Giant Wolf, will exact their revenge, a mission they will succeed in, although it will cost their lives. On this day, everyone, including the mightiest of gods, will spill blood on the battlefield. The entire world will perish, leaving only an empty void for life to happen all over again. 
    The stories and myths of the Norse were passed down by the Vikings in oral tradition until they were recorded in manuscripts by anonymous authors in the mid-13th century. The myths that survived tell the story of how the world was first created by the gods using the dead body of a primeval giant, the existence of the different realms surrounding the universe, and various tales and lore about the gods’ adventures. 
    Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll discover: 
    • How the body of the primeval giant, Ymir, was used to shape the earth 
    • A detailed description of all nine realms in the Norse world and the World Tree, Yggdrasil 
    • The famous legend of how Odin lost his eye in exchange for wisdom 
    • How Loki tricked the dwarves into creating Mjölnir and other treasures for the gods 
    • Three of Loki’s monstrous sons and their roles in killing the gods at Ragnarök 
    • The unexpected death of Baldur and the gods’ failed attempt at resurrecting him 
    • Loki’s gruesome punishment that led to his revenge during Ragnarök 
    • The vicious battle between Thor and the World Serpent 
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  • Stories on lord Shiva series -11 - from various sources of Shiva Purana - cover

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    Lord shiva is adi and he is only the anthya. He is the sole reason for the happenings in both the movable and immovable worlds. Therefore, it is said that not even a spring of grass will move without his permission. He is the one who has given life to all the creatures. He is also the one who takes away the lives of all the creatures. Sadhus sages and aghoraas practice severe penance without minding day and night on Lord Shiva. 
    He blesses his devotees with boons. He is called Bole Shankar. All recite his five syllabled mantra or panchakshari mantra " om Namah Shivaya" which is the most popular one among all the other mantras. Lord Shiva who is also called Parameswara is the one who has got no birth and death. He is only the beginning and he is the end. Nandi which happens to be the vehicle of Lord Shiva is a bull. The abode of Lord Shiva is Mount Kailash. In Hindu religion Lord Shiva is called Devaadi Deva Mahadeva which means God for all the Gods. He is the supreme God. Lord Shiva has three eyes. The third eye is situated in between his brows. The third eye is used by him only whenever he wants to destroy the things. He is the one who dwells at cemetery.
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  • Battle on the Lomba 1987 - A Crew Commander's Account - cover

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    David Mannall

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    A South African national serviceman recounts becoming a soldier and an ensuing David-and-Goliath face-off against Angolan armed forces in 1987. 
    The climactic death-throes of Soviet Communism during the 1980s included a last-gasp attempt at strategic franchise expansion in southern Africa. Channeled through Castro’s Cuba, oil-rich Angolan armed forces (FAPLA) received billions of dollars of advanced weaponry and thousands of armored vehicles. Their intent: to eradicate the US-backed Angolan opposition (UNITA), then push southwards into South Africa’s protectorate SWA/Namibia, ostensibly as liberators. 
    1985 saw the first large-scale mechanized offensive in southern African history. Russian Generals planned and oversaw the offensive but didn’t account for the tenacity of UNITA (supported by the South African Defense Forces, SADF) or the rainy season. The ‘85 offensive floundered in the mud, and FAPLA returned to their capital Luanda. The South Africans stood down, confident their “covert” support for UNITA had demonstrated the folly of prosecuting war so far from home against Africa’s military Superpower. However, they were mistaken. Fidel and FAPLA immediately redoubled their efforts, strengthening fifteen battalions with even more Soviet hardware while Russian and Cuban specialists oversaw troop training. 
    As Cuban and Angolan fighter pilots honed their skills over the skies of Northern Angola, David Mannall, a normal seventeen-year-old kid completing high school, was preparing for two years of compulsory military service before beginning Tertiary education. Through a series of fateful twists, he found himself leading soldiers in several full-scale armored clashes, including the largest and most decisive battle on African soil since World War II. 
    This is a David and Goliath story that has never been truthfully told. The author reveals how Charlie Squadron, comprising just twelve 90mm AFVs crewed by thirty-six national servicemen, as part of the elite sixty-one Mechanized Battalion, engaged and effectively annihilated the giant FAPLA 47th Armored Brigade in one day—3 October 1987. Their 90mm cannons were never designed as tank-killers, but any assurances that it would never be used against heavy armor were left in the classroom during the three-month operation and never more starkly than the decisive “Battle on The Lomba River.” The Communist-backed offensive died that day along with hundreds of opposition fighters. 
    47th Brigade survivors abandoned their remaining equipment, eventually joining the 59th Brigade in what became a full-scale retreat of over ten thousand soldiers to Cuito Cuanevale. The myth perpetuated by post-apartheid politicians goes something like this: “The SADF force that destroyed 47th Brigade on 3 October numbered 6,000 men and that all the hard yards were run by the long-suffering UNITA!” The inconvenient truth is that there were just 36 South African boys on the frontline that day, but it is also true to say they would never have achieved such a stunning victory without the support of many more. This is their story.
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  • Raising Your Spirited Baby - A Breakthrough Guide to Thriving When Your Baby Is MoreAlert and Intense and Struggles to Sleep - cover

    Raising Your Spirited Baby - A...

    Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

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    “Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D., brings her expertise in raising spirited children to help you understand and soothe your spirited baby. Her research-based, parent-tested strategies will help your baby sleep better and develop a calmer, more resilient brain and nervous system. I'll be recommending this for all new parents.” —Dr. Laura Markham, founder of, and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids 
    From the beloved bestselling author whose award-winning parenting books have sold over 1 million copies—an indispensable guide to the unique needs of Spirited Infants™.  
    Does your baby bursts into tears when another baby in the same situation sleeps soundly? 
    Do the strategies your friends swear by not work with your baby? 
    Do the upsets and shrieking come out of seemingly nowhere and take forever to subside? 
    Moms and dads who answer “yes,” are the parents of a spirited infant. Spirited infants are the outliers—the exceptions to the “rules,” the extraordinary ones. They arrive in this world genetically wired to be alert and intense. Spirited babies put parents to the test and raising them takes special skills and patient perseverance. 
    In this groundbreaking new book, beloved parenting expert Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D., offers her findings in the fields of neuroscience, sleep, temperament, self-regulation, attachment, and parent-child interactions, and shares what she has learned from hands-on experiences with families to bring this much-needed perspective to the parenting of babies under eighteen months of age. She provides extensive research, parent-tested strategies, and a clear shame-free, guilt-free guide to nurturing and caring for spirited babies. 
    Kurcinka reveals a plan for success with a 5-step Spirited Baby™ Methodology to give parents—and everyone who supports them—a how-to handbook that will be embraced as a simple, trusted companion. 
    Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.
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  • Narcissist Abuse Recovery - A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Peace and Healing Your Heart After a Breakup How to Overcome Your Toxic Ex Rebuild Your Trust in Yourself and Boost Your Self- Esteem (2022) - cover

    Narcissist Abuse Recovery - A...

    Scott Lane

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    Do you want to learn how to spot narcissism and personality disorders and how they manifest? 
    Do you want to understand how to cope with the narcissists in your life? Have you ever wondered how to heal fast from emotional abuse or how to assist someone who has suffered it but is unsure where to start? 
    In this book, you'll uncover insights to help you thoroughly comprehend these people, as well as a detailed plan for dealing with them without losing your sanity or peace of mind. You'll discover that dealing with a narcissist and putting them in their place is less complicated than you believe. 
    Among the many insights provided in "Narcissist Abuse Recovery" are the following: 
    Everything you need to know about the definition of Narcissism. 
    How to Recognize and Identify Narcissistic Behavior in Yourself and Others 
    Common characteristics of narcissistic individuals 
    Specific indicators that a person is gradually adopting narcissistic tendencies 
    The many varieties of Narcissism and how to recognize them 
    How to build strong self-esteem and confidence that will make you impervious to narcissistic abuse. 
    What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), and how does it develop? 
    What is the best way to cope with Narcissism in a relationship? 
                And Much More!.... 
    "Narcissist Abuse Recovery" is a handbook that will help you make educated choices while dealing with a narcissist, allowing you to establish clear boundaries and reclaim control of your life. It is filled with pertinent stories and cutting-edge behavioural research. 
    With this thorough book, you can take the guesswork out of knowing, identifying, and dealing with narcissistic behaviours and personalities and learn how to bargain from a position of strength! 
    Do you want to learn more? 
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