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BITCOIN FOR BEGINNERS: A Simple-To-Understand Starter’s Guide To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency - cover

BITCOIN FOR BEGINNERS: A Simple-To-Understand Starter’s Guide To Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

Pierce Nakamoto

Publisher: Pierce Nakamoto

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Do You Want To Know How You Can Profit From The Bitcoin Revolution?

It is never too late to learn the ins and outs of bitcoin so you can get started today.

Have you recently been hearing about Bitcoin on the news and it looks like you don't understand what the frenzy is all about? Wondering how to start investing in Bitcoin but don't really know what it is which is making you hesitate to get involved in it because you do understand what it's all about? Are you wishing you could understand Bitcoin but you are afraid that it is too complicated and complex?

Are you also worried about its technicality which is making you believe that you will never understand the concepts? Are you suffering from a future shock but looking for a reason to be optimistic? Do you see the possibility of something new and beautiful but don't know how to express it to your friends?

Then you might have found the perfect book for you. In this book, we take a look at the answers to all of these questions and more.

- What Bitcoin Is.

- How Bitcoin Gets Its Value.

- The Technology That Powers Bitcoin

- How To Profit From Bitcoin.

- Bitcoin Wallets and What They Are.

- And So Much More.....

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    In all these cases, every effort to talk it out has been unsuccessful. 
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    With inspiring stories from clients, students, and Dr. Goldman-Wetzler's own life lighting the way, you'll learn to observe complex situations with clarity, access your shadow values (things you really care about but have been unwilling to admit), and take bold, simple, surprising action. 
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    Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audio book.
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    We were created by an infinitely creative God to reflect his love and character to the world. One way we do that is by continuing his creative work. In this energizing book, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Jordan Raynor helps artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and other creatives reimagine our work as service to God and others, addressing such penetrating questions as- Is my work as a creative really as God-honoring as that of a pastor or missionary?- What does it look like to create not to make a name for myself but to glorify God and serve others?- How can I use my work to fulfill Jesus's command to create disciples?- Will what I make today matter in eternity?To answer these questions, Raynor shares compelling stories from an eclectic group of 40+ Christian entrepreneurs, including the founders of TOMS Shoes, Charity: Water, Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out Burger, Guinness, HTC, and Sevenly, as well as nontraditional entrepreneurs such as C. S. Lewis, Johann Sebastian Bach, and J. R. R. Tolkien. Raynor's "show" rather than "tell," story-driven style makes you feel as if you are sitting at the feet of some of the godliest and most successful entrepreneurs of all time.Perfectly poised to reach today's growing creative class, this unique work restores God's position as the first entrepreneur, helping readers see the eternal value in the work they do today.
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  • Project Design Explained - cover

    Project Design Explained

    Can Akdeniz, Introbooks Team

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    Are you someone that is required to come up with projects often? A student, or a businessperson perhaps?  
    Maybe you are not required to create projects but are someone that has wanted to start up a project on their own.  
    Either way, this book is one that you absolutely need to read! In this book, we talk about project design, and the method in which you can successfully design a project. If your project design is substandard, then of course the outcome won’t be good! That’s why this book is a must-read.  
    What you’ll learn in this book:  
    - A basic outline as to how you should design a project  
    - How to come up with goals  
    - How to plan and design your research  
    - How to select team members and decide roles  
    - How to design the stages of the project  
    - The part that communication plays in project designing  
    - How to design a schedule  
    And so much more! Read on to change your life for the better!
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