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Think Forward to Thrive - How to Use the Mind's Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life - cover

Think Forward to Thrive - How to Use the Mind's Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life

PhD Jennice Vilhauer

Publisher: New World Library

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Stop talking about your past and start creating your future

Anticipating a positive future is the key to well-being and mental health. Yet when many people think of the future, they experience anxiety, depression, fear, and self-doubt. Unaware of how to change the future, most people are trapped in a cycle of re-creating their past. But your past does not have to define who you are or where you are going — you can break free. Future Directed Therapy (FDT) is a new psychotherapy that helps people create their future with awareness and choice, with skills based on cutting-edge cognitive science. Think Forward to Thrive is filled with information and step-by-step exercises to help you:

* Overcome negative emotions 
* Identify what you want in life
* Transform limiting beliefs 
* Take action 
* Live ready for success

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    About the Novel:
    When You Reach Me is a Newbery Medal-winning story about a young girl and her New York City world. Miranda lives in a run-down apartment with her mother in New York City during the 1970s. Propelled by interesting characters, Miranda’s world starts to unravel, as her friend Sal gets punched by a kid on the street for no reason and stops talking to Miranda; her mother’s hidden emergency key is stolen; and a mysterious note arrives claiming to save her friend’s life. In the background is a subplot involving Miranda’s mother’s upcoming appearance on the television show, The $20,000 Pyramid.
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    Are you suffering from emotional baggage, pain, chronic illness or an autoimmune disease? 
    If so, we invite you to read this book: 
    How to Release Emotional Stress,Pain and Illness 
    Your doctor knows that emotional stress and trauma cause or contribute to most health problems. But most doctors don't know how to release stress and talk therapy often does not work well because it takes time—often years—and can dredge up painful memories. 
    Some of the methods in the book were created by doctors and some physicians teach one of them to their patients. 
    How would you like to be able to heal yourself of day-to-day pain and emotional stress in your life when no one else can—not even your doctor? 
    Over many decades, your author has conducted extensive research to find solutions to health problems. He has discovered 6 Energy Healing methods that have helped him and numerous others to turn their health around. This book shows you how to live a good life using Energy Healing. 
    Your author is either a practitioner or user of all of these modalities. While he is not a doctor and makes no medical claims, the author does possess certifications in several energy balancing methods. He has helped hundreds of people get free (or mostly free) of pain and distress in minutes and has aided others over a longer period of time. 
    He created this book to bring all of these methods together to help people with chronic problems who have been unable to improve their health using traditional Western medicine. These methods have shown many people how to stop worrying about their health and start living a life free of discomfort and illness. 
    Energy Healing methods are user-friendly. 
    Some of them you can do at home on your own while others require a trained practitioner that this book can help you locate. Energy Healing has helped millions worldwide—without drugs or invasive procedures. It has reversed these conditions (and many more): 
    * aches and pain, even chronic 
    * jet lag, worry, fears 
    * phobias and emotional upset 
    * autoimmune diseases 
    * incurable illnesses 
    This book discusses Stress, Trauma, Energy Healing Tools, Concepts and Solutions. 
    Energy Healing Solutions in the book. 
    This book will teach you about these 6 energy balancing techniques: 
    1 - Emotional acupuncture without needles 
    2 - Negative emotion erasing with a magnet 
    3 - Finger pointing healing 
    4 - Light photon repair in the body 
    5 - Using an unknown system of the body to heal 
    6 - Moving the body while lying down to increase oxygen 
    This book includes stories of ill people who used Energy Healing to recover from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), cancer, Parkinson's Disease, PTSD, multiple sclerosis and other conditions. 
    If you want to learn how to heal, improve your life, fix your health issues of chronic pain, autoimmune disease and perhaps even some so-called incurable condition, there are many energy balancing options available to you. 
    But, even if you don't have major health issues, this book may help you maintain and improve your health—without drugs and medical procedures. 
    Take the first step to getting your health back on track – read about other people who have actually done it!
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  • Memory Improvement: Techniques Tricks & Exercises How To Train and Develop Your Brain In 30 Days - cover

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    How to Improve Your Memory & Increase Your Brain Power in 30 Days" is a text that is focused on methods that can help individuals to improve their memory in a relatively short period of time. The author starts out pretty simply with a definition of what memory is and then progresses into the various methods that can be effectively used to improve memory. The text is appropriate for those individuals that are interested in learning some tried and true methods that can be used to improve memory. In our fast paced society there are an ever increasing number of things the need to be retained and any method that can be used to improve it is extremely advantageous. The reader does benefit from what the author has opted to divulge and the techniques can easily be understood and executed right in the home. Overall the book is a great point of reference for memory improvement.
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  • e-Study Guide for: Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe-Equipped Buildings by David M McGrail ISBN 9781593700546 - Emergency services Firefighting - cover

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    Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.
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