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Elemental Flame - The Eldritch Files #4 - cover

Elemental Flame - The Eldritch Files #4

Phaedra Weldon

Publisher: Caldwell Press

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"I love you, Sam. I will always love you." When Elemental Witch Samantha Hawthorne discovers her lover, Crwys Holliard, is missing, she vows to find him. With the help of her friends and an Alpha Werewolf who just won't take no for an answer, Sam follows clues that point them in the direction of the realm of Faerie, a place Sam swore she would never return to. The road to his rescue is blocked by conjured enemies, a power hungry Magician, a former ally and a warring Faerie queen, determined to make herself the ultimate ruler of the Faerie kingdoms. Will Sam be able to rescue him, or will Crwys and Sam be parted from one another, forever? Elemental Flame is the 4th book in the Eldritch Files.

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    Set in an alternate version of the early twenty-first century, Brennan is Bernard Knight’s masterful retelling of the Arthurian myth in a dystopian modern world setting.
    Former soldier Brennan was one of only a few thousand British survivors of a horrific series of international disasters. Five years on, he has become leader of the Welsh survivors as their supplies of food and fuel grow ever more precariously low. However, they face violent competition for these scarce resources from other groups of survivors – and to make things worse, those from other countries are raiding the UK for supplies and killing those who resist.
    To stand any hope of survival, Brennan must unite the remaining Britons and lead them in resistance against those who would see them dead – but does he stand any hope of succeeding in a world already changed beyond all recognition?
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  • Soldiers Of Fame And Fortune Boxed Set One - Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Boxed Sets #1 - cover

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    Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle 
    Read the first four books in the bestselling Soldiers of Fame and Fortune series! 
    Nobody's Fool 
    Decades ago, an alien ship fired a missile at Earth as they passed by, and we caught it. That was when humanity truly opened Pandora's box. 
    One more trip into danger, or something beyond danger? 
    Holly Smith has been hired as a consultant to go into the ZOO and retrieve information to help a company find a unique chemical.  
    Holly is not a stranger to danger when trying to uncover that next billion-dollar ingredient, but even Holly has to admit something is wrong with the vibe coming from the ZOO. 
    There should not be a lush jungle in the middle of the Sahara. 
    Needing more information, she leaves the American security enclave and heads to the French/Israeli/India military encampment where mercenaries are known to congregate. 
    Plenty of alcohol should get her the answers she needs, right? 
    The more she learns, the more her concern intensifies. Can she learn if there is real danger, or are they lying? 
    Nobody Lives Forever 
    Holly has found FU*BAR in the French encampment and she hopes to learn more about the ZOO from those who have been there. 
    Will she get the truth, or will she make decisions on tall tales? 
    JB is looking for someone special, someone to help him in the future. He might have found that person in Holly.  
    Will each of them find the answers they need? 
    Holly is back, learning about another story ripped out of the ZOO. 
    Can she learn enough about the ZOO before those back in America push her to make a decision? 
    Nobody Drinks That Much 
    Holly is beginning to understand what her gut has been telling her, and it isn't a pretty sight. 
    Will she listen to what she is learning, or is she feeling the pressure from New York? 
    JB is telling her stories, but does he have an ulterior motive? And if he does, is it better for Holly to know it…or not?  
    Will each of them find the solution they need? 
    Holly is back, learning about another story ripped out of the ZOO. But this one seems too impossible to be true. HOW MUCH can one person drink and not shoot themselves? 
    Can she learn enough about the ZOO to become comfortable with the idea that she can make it inside, and back out again safely? 
    Nobody Remembers But Us 
    Holly has been asking questions, but now they are getting a bit more pointed…and you never know who might be in the audience. 
    There are ghosts everywhere, but now we are talking about ghosts in the ZOO? 
    JB is telling stories again, but this time the story is personal.  
    Will anyone believe him when he says he met an operative—a killer—in the ZOO? 
    Holly is back, listening to another story about the ZOO. But this one seems too mysterious to be easily believed. Is there a ghost in the ZOO? Does anyone know who she might be? 
    Can Holly learn enough about the ZOO to become comfortable with the idea that she can make it inside and back out again safely?​ 
    Join Holly Smith as she learns about the ZOO, how to stay alive, and the opportunities that being a part of the ZOO have brought humanity.
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  • Illusion of Power - Mending Magic Series #2 - cover

    Illusion of Power - Mending...

    W. J. May

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    Your curse is your biggest strength. 
    I just didn't know it yet. 
    When Jamie and Gabrielle ran away in the middle of the night, they thought they'd be leaving their troubles behind them. Now, they're starting to realize those troubles have just begun. 
    With no money, no plan, and no destination, they find themselves the world's most wanted fugitives—trying to stay one step ahead of an international intelligence organization tasked with hunting them down. An intelligence organization run by Jamie's own father. 
    An opportunity presents itself, but nothing is as it seems. Alliances are strained. Powers are tested. And no one knows who to trust. 
    How do you outrun your destiny? 
    Never give up. Never give in. 
    Mending Magic Series: 
    Lost Souls 
    Illusion of Power 
    Challenging the Dark
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  • Deviant Flux - Durga System Series #3 - cover

    Deviant Flux - Durga System...

    Jessie Kwak

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    She thought nothing could come between herself and her new family. She was wrong. 
    It's been five years since Starla Dusai's home station was destroyed by the Alliance, and she's spent every minute searching for evidence that she wasn't the only survivor. 
    When she receives a tip that her beloved cousin Mona is alive and well on an astroid station out in Durga's Belt, she drops everything to find her. Thrust into an unfamiliar world of crime cartels and union politics, Starla soon realizes Mona is caught up in a dangerous plot — and that saving her might just mean giving up the new family she's come to love. 
    If it doesn't get them both killed first.
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  • Dark Resurrections - The Brenna Strachan Series #3 - cover

    Dark Resurrections - The Brenna...

    Hadena James

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    Someone has set about resurrecting the souls of the Four Horsemen. Each Horsemen is known for their hatred of Humanity and willingness to do anything to eradicate the breed. Their plan is to use infants as the vessels for the resurrected. With three pregnant women in her family due any day, Brenna Strachan must find out how they intend to use the infants for the resurrections. As well as discover exactly who is behind this heinous act. Her adversaries are doing what they can to keep her off their scent, even attacking cities using mythics to keep her busy. Can Brenna find out who it is and stop them before her own family becomes their prey?
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  • Sidekick: The Tale of Billy the Kid and the Giants of Colorado - The Mythic West #1 - cover

    Sidekick: The Tale of Billy the...

    Edward J. Knight

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    The Jotunheim giants poured through the rift at Andersonville and annihilated both the Union and the Confederacy. Only the desperate efforts of a few heroes stopped them in the West, at the battle of Golden City, Colorado. Those heroes became legends. 
    Billy McCarty watched those heroes win the battle. He grew up reading the dime novels and dreaming about being like them. So when Giant Killer Cassidy came to town, Billy swore he'd join Cassidy's team. No longer a kid, he'd do anything to be by Cassidy's side. 
    But "anything" could carry a high price, in both blood and honor. A high price he might have to pay repeatedly. 
    In the Mythic West, where gunslingers battle monsters of nightmare, Sidekick follows the epic adventure that began a hero's rise.
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