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Orioles' Big Bird - Mark Trumbo speaks softly but carries a big stick - cover

Orioles' Big Bird - Mark Trumbo speaks softly but carries a big stick

Peter Schmuck

Publisher: Back Story Publishing

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Follows the stunning career of Mark Trumbo, baseball star.

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  • The Sea Wolf - cover

    The Sea Wolf

    Jack London

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    Set adrift after a collision with another vessel, ferry passenger Humphrey van Weyden is picked up by the seal-hunting schooner the Ghost. His relief at being rescued slowly turns into concern once he meets her captain, the brutally terrifying Wolf Larsen. The crew of the Ghost live in terror of their fearsome commander, and van Weyden is not made any safer because Larsen is attracted to his new passenger's comparable intelligence. 
    Van Weyden's time aboard the Ghost turns him from a gentle, domesticated man into an altogether tougher soul as he is caught between Larsen and his crew during the rescue of other castaways, an attempted mutiny, a cataclysmic storm and the appearance of Wolf's equally terrible brother, Death Larsen. 
    Wolf Larsen is one of the greatest characters in early 20th century American fiction. Like Captain Ahab before him, he is a man who has spent too long at sea. We might assume he has become inhuman, but the novel gradually but subtly reveals that it was the nature of life at the mercy of the angry oceans that turned him into the sea wolf. 
    This special edition includes an exclusive Foreword by adventurer Bear Grylls, which takes a fascinating look at the character of Wolf Larsen from the perspective of someone who has also stared nature in its unforgiving face.
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  • TRAIN TO WIN - Military Field Manual - Principles of Training The Role of Leaders Developing the Unit Training Plan The Army Operations Process Training for Battle Training Environment Realistic Training Command Training Guidance… - cover

    TRAIN TO WIN - Military Field...

    Defense U.S. Department of

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    This book describes in detail how the Army trains to win in diverse situations and on different terrains, to overcome strenuous environments and avert all types of attacks. With that focus, the Army develops training readiness and the capabilities that support Army and joint force of the commanders. The authors expended the fundamental concepts of the Army's training doctrine. This reading focuses on training leaders, Soldiers, and Army Civilians as effectively and efficiently as possible given limitations in time and resources. It also aims to ensure that leaders incorporate ethical aspects (such as moral-ethical decision points and personal actions) into training scenarios or routinely discuss ethics during post-training after action reviews.
    Training Overview 
    Train to Win 
    Principles of Training 
    Training Proficiency 
    The Role of Leaders 
    Battle Focus 
    Training Environment
    Training for Battle Rhythm 
    Commanders' Dialogues 
    Reserve Component Training Considerations 
    Developing the Unit Training Plan 
    Training Readiness 
    The Army Operations Process 
    Command Training Guidance 
    The Unit Training Plan 
    Training Briefing 
    Conducting Training Events 
    Realistic Training 
    Training and Evaluation Outlines 
    Company Training Meetings 
    After Action Reviews 
    Lane Training 
    Unit Training Plan 
    All Training Briefings 
    T-week Concept
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  • Ever Wonder Why We Do It? - cover

    Ever Wonder Why We Do It?

    Mike Peyton

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    Mike Peyton is the nautical world's best known and much loved 
    cartoonist. For years he has made his mark, contributing witty, well 
    executed and poignantly funny cartoons to the yachting and boating 
    press, poking fun at seafarers of all types and capturing in his 
    distinctive cartoon style their often eccentric and idiosyncratic ways. 
    here, at last, is a wonderful collection of Mike Peyton's light hearted 
    and amusing recollections of time spent messing about in boats, all 
    illustrated in his unique cartoon style. 
    A perfect bunkside read for seafarers and landlubbers alike.
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  • Terror in the City of Champions - Murder Baseball and the Secret Society That Shocked Depression-era Detroit - cover

    Terror in the City of Champions...

    Tom Stanton

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    Detroit, mid-1930s: In a city abuzz over its unrivaled sports success, gun-loving baseball fan Dayton Dean became ensnared in the nefarious and deadly Black Legion. The secretive, Klan-like group was executing a wicked plan of terror, murdering enemies, flogging associates, and contemplating armed rebellion. The Legion boasted tens of thousands of members across the Midwest, among them politicians and prominent citizens-even, possibly, a beloved athlete.Terror in the City of Champions opens with the arrival of Mickey Cochrane, a fiery baseball star who roused the Great Depression's hardest-hit city by leading the Tigers to the 1934 pennant. A year later he guided the team to its first championship. Within seven months the Lions and Red Wings follow in football and hockey-all while Joe Louis chased boxing's heavyweight crown.Amidst such glory, the Legion's dreadful toll grew unchecked: staged "suicides," bodies dumped along roadsides, high-profile assassination plots. Talkative Dayton Dean's involvement would deepen as heroic Mickey Cochrane's reputation would rise. But the ballplayer had his own demons, including a close friendship with Harry Bennett, Henry Ford's brutal union buster.
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  • Cutty Sark - The Last of the Tea Clippers (150th anniversary edition) - cover

    Cutty Sark - The Last of the Tea...

    Eric Kentley

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    An updated and expanded edition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this iconic ship. The narrative spans her construction at Dumbarton in 1869; her famous tea voyages as well as those with other cargoes; her career under a Portuguese flag; her subsequent return to the Thames, Greenwich; and the dramatic fire, painstaking restoration and glorious reopening in April 2012. 
    The book has been developed from the outset with the Cutty Sark Trust and takes the form of a chronological career narrative but also presents detailed features on crew accounts, log entries, pieces on seamanship, ports and cargoes and broader tall ship culture as well as an opportunity to focus on artifacts and the fittings of the ship. 
    This unique opportunity allows the first publication of specially commissioned photography created as part of, and subsequent to, the clipper's restoration as well as the findings of resulting research.
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  • Friday Night Tykes - Tiki Barber and Bart Scott and Panel on the State of Youth Football - cover

    Friday Night Tykes - Tiki Barber...

    Tiki Barber, Bart Scott

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    After a special screening of Esquire Network’s controversial documentary series, “Friday Night Tykes,” former NFL players Tiki Barber and Bart Scott weigh in on the state of youth sports in our culture. Barber and Scott are joined by parenting expert, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psy. D.; Brian Morgan, President of Texas Youth Football Association; and Matt Maranz, founder of 441 Productions and Executive Producer for Friday Night Tykes, for a candid conversation surrounding youth sports, safety, parenting and coaching, moderated by ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap.
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