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Running Repairs - A Runner's Guide to Keeping Injury Free - cover

Running Repairs - A Runner's Guide to Keeping Injury Free

Paula Coates

Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport

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Running Repairs is a handbook for everyone who runs - from 
those training for a one-off charity event, through those who run to 
keep fit to experienced club runners who regularly race. 
A recent Runner's World magazine survey revealed that over 
80 per cent of runners have experienced an injury and that avoiding 
injury or recovering from injury is the main worry for nearly every 
runner. This will be the first book to specifically address these 
concerns. Written by an experienced physiotherapist and recreational 
marathon runner, Running Repairs is written in two parts: 
 Part one - covers a 
series of strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to be 
incorporated within any running schedule, designed to help prevent 
injury in the first place.  
Part two - covers the 
most common running injuries and how to manage them. A series of 
flowcharts helps the reader to diagnose the most likely cause of any 
ache and pain and recommends a plan of action to aid recovery - from 
rest and ice to referral to a physiotherapist. The book also 
covers basic biomechanics so that runners can understand their running 
style and identify the specific injuries that are associated with that 
style, plus nutritional advice for recovering from injury. The book 
will be an essential reference for all runners - allowing them to treat 
any injuries immediately and in many cases saving considerable amounts 
of money on unnecessary physiotherapy appointments (the author 
estimates that about 50% of injuries that runners visit her practice 
with could be treated effectively by the patient and that the vast 
majority of injuries could be avoided with appropriate exercises being 
incorporated as part of training).

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