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Thinking About Saving Money Part 7 - cover

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Thinking About Saving Money Part 7

Paul X. Bromblley


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This could potentially help you think about money and investing

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    This book is tailored specifically to US business finance. Do you break out into a cold sweat at the sight of company accounts? Do you ignore the financial aspects of your job, hoping they'll go away? Is lack of financial confidence holding you back? The fact is that you can learn how to read company accounts as well as picking up sound financial management techniques in just a couple of hours, and Easy business finance is the way to do it. Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts needn't be mysteries any longer. You don't have to be tortured by colleagues' conversations about key financial ratios and cash flow statements. You'll soon be able to participate fully and confidently in every aspect of your company's financial performance and understand how to measure it. With Easy business finance at hand you need never be frightened by finances again!
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    If you look up “communication gap” in the dictionary, it may as well have a picture of a baby boomer trying to talk to a millennial. 
    These younger workers born from 1980 to 2000 are the largest population in the United States, and they make up a huge portion of the workforce. But all too often, older workers view millennials as entitled or unmotivated. 
    Javier Montes puts those notions to rest in this guide to leveraging the talents of millennials to achieve business objectives. By investing time and effort into training and developing millennials, he’s built multiple companies while learning new things along the way. 
     After reading this book, you’ll be equipped to: 
    improve the way you attract, manage, and retain millennials; 
    use technology to make business processes more efficient; 
    thrive in a world built around instant gratification; and 
    reward younger workers with what they value most.
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    The summary devotes one page to the subject of identity – how we see ourselves and how others see us. Our personal identity has a huge influence on our future actions, and this too is something that Robbins believes we have the power to choose and selfcorrect. The final section of the summary is entitled "A lesson in destiny". It invites us to take full advantage of our time on earth, living each day as if it were the last. It may sound cliché, but it's true. Replete with inspiring quotes by famous thinkers – from Marcus Aurelius to Benjamin Disraeli – this is an inspiring read which will empower you with the right attitude and actions to master your destiny.
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    Up-and-coming millennial business manager Kamy Eliassi and baby boomer leader Terry Thompson team up to write Millennial Leadership, a business guide focused on Gen Y leaders and managers. 
    Eliassi, a higher-up at an international logistics company, is in charge of leading the entire organization—though he realizes he isn't managing to his best potential. His search for a mentor leads him to Thompson, a volunteer mentor who was an executive vice president and general manager at a leading fuel management company in Vancouver, Canada. Thompson's articles on leadership and management fundamentals are combined with Eliassi’s relevant leadership insights for the Modern Millennial to help leaders develop an inspiring organizational culture and achieve life balance. 
    Suggestions and stories combine in this easy-to-understand, concise management guide for leaders at all levels. While specifically focusing on Gen Y entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers, Millennial Leadership will inspire all who aspire to lead and manage with greatness. 
    Thompson's mentoring shows the importance of having someone to show you the ropes, while Eliassi's expertise proves that Gen Y managers can find success and thrive. It's a true example of teamwork and how people from different generations can work together in the spirit of mutual assistance.
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  • Bitcoin & Blockchain - 2 Manuscripts - Understanding Bitcoin & Understanding Bitcoin - cover

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    2 Manuscripts – Understanding Bitcoin & Understanding Blockchain
    Bitcoin has often be referred to as ‘Digital Gold’. No wonder as it continues to beat growth expectations and rise & Blockchain is the New Revolutionary Technology it is Built On.
    Blockchain technology is in the news more and more these days, especially as Bitcoin becomes a growing trend. There are a growing number of online businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. With the growing world of Blockchain & Bitcoin, it can all seem a bit confusing.
    This book is here to help you understand the various aspects of this great technology.
    Within the pages of this book, you will learn:
    What is Bitcoin (BTC) and how Bitcoin came about
    What is Bitcoin wallet
    What is Bitcoin mining, mining pool
    A brief overview about Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)
    How to earn Bitcoin
    How to secure your Bitcoins
    Tips for Bitcoin investing and Bitcoin trading with risk management techniques
    Various types of Bitcoin wallets as well as their Pros and Cons
    The uses of Bitcoin currency 
    But that is not all! You will also learn:
    The Fundamentals of Blockchain
    Smart Contracts
    The Story Behind Blockchain
    How Blockchain Works
    Main Participants in a Blockchain Transaction
    Key Elements in Block Batching & Stacking
    The Future that Blockchain Holds
    How it Will Shape the Economy
    Utilization of Blockchain and its Importance
    There are endless opportunities when it comes to Blockchain & Bitcoin, so why not get involved now. It can be a great investment opportunity.  Get this book today and learn the basics of the world of Blockchain.  Start learning more about Bitcoin!
    What are you waiting for?  Take control of your financial future, go ahead and purchase the book!
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