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The Official Illustrated History of RAF Search and Rescue - cover

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The Official Illustrated History of RAF Search and Rescue

Paul E Eden

Publisher: Adlard Coles

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In February 2016 the RAF's Search and Rescue Force (SARF) celebrated its 75th anniversary. In June that year the world-renowned and universally admired service was officially disbanded, despite attempts from many, including HRH Prince William, to save it as part of the RAF.  
This book is an official, fully illustrated, in-depth account of the SARF's rich and glorious history, from its origins in World War II through to its recent withdrawal. The book contains a foreword by HRH Prince William himself, plus action-packed and awe-inspiring photographs from the RAF's archive of photographs and exclusive interviews with former crewmembers, telling their own dramatic stories of derring-do. 
Officially endorsed by the RAF, An Illustrated History of the RAF Search and Rescue Force is the first, and probably the only, major book of its kind written on this subject. It is an essential purchase for anyone with an interest in military history, British history, the Royal Family and those who love stories of extreme and daring rescue missions.
Available since: 06/25/2021.
Print length: 192 pages.

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    Chapter 1          What Do The Most Successful and Worst Car of 1994 Have in Common? 
    Chapter 2           Funny Stories From An F1 Mechanic 
    Chapter 3           Brundle at McLaren 
    Chapter 4          Mansell’s 1994 Comeback 
    Chapter 5          Working Within Benetton During the 1990’s 
    Chapter 6           Unraced Projects of the 1994 F1 Season & an insight into Pacific Grand Prix racing (written in conjunction with Jasper Heijmans) 
    Chapter 7          Schumacher’s Ferrari Controversies 
    Chapter 8          Schumacher’s 1994 Ligier Test 
    Chapter 9           Herbert at Benetton 
    Chapter 10        Lehto at Benetton 
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    Since 2015 I’ve been researching all the books, internet sources and magazines (Autosport, F1 News and Motor Sport) covering 1990’s F1. Furthermore I’ve interviewed various key figures employed by Benetton, Ford Electronics and Williams. In addition, I’ve studied all the on track action from time – simply because I love reliving that era of F1. This book & its short stories listed above are the fruits of all that hard work and research. 
    As a devoted Formula 1 fan, I thought I knew everything about the sport from the 1990’s before starting this project. But since interviewing those involved it soon became apparent how much had yet to be made public. I’ve resigned from my day job purely to write this book. That is h
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