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Boston Marathon - History by the Mile - cover

Boston Marathon - History by the Mile

Paul C. Clerici

Publisher: The History Press

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“Clerici brings the race to life through . . . stories about every statue, landmark and portion of the course from its start in 1897 to its current incarnation” (MetroWest Daily News).   From Hopkinton to Boylston Street, the beloved 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon mark historic moments and memories dating back to 1897. Town by town and step by step, follow author, journalist, and runner Paul C. Clerici as he goes deeper into each town and city along the route with firsthand descriptions of the course from the uphill climbs to the spirited sprints. Insightful anecdotes, from the naming of Heartbreak Hill to the incorporation of women runners, reveal meaningful racing heritage along the route. This comprehensive and unique journey also explores the stories behind notable landmarks, statues, and mile markers throughout the course. Woven into the course history is expert advice on how to run each leg of the race from renowned running coach Bill Squires. Whether you’re a runner, spectator, or fan, Boston Marathon: History by the Mile has it all.   Includes photos!

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  • Summary of Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body by Michael Matthews - cover

    Summary of Thinner Leaner...

    Abbey Beathan

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    Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body by Michael Matthews Book Summary Abbey Beatha 
    (Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book.) 
    Getting the body of your dreams is not an unattainable paradise anymore. 
    Let me guess, you have been trying to hit the gym as many times as you can for as long as your body can muster and still, after so much hard work, you have gotten nothing. We have all been there. However, with Thinner Leaner Stronger you can finally obtain the body you have always desired. No more overworking yourself in the gym, no more false hopes created by false promises. Michael Matthews has created the ultimate guide for female bodybuilding. 
    (Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Abbey Beathan. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way 
    "Cardio can enhance fat loss in two ways—burning calories and speeding up your metabolic rate—but that's it."—Michael Matthews 
    Thinner Leaner Stronger is an outstanding book for two reasons, first of all, it will get you great results in a relatively short amount of time but also because there are not many female bodybuilding books and if you take into account that most of them are not teaching what you need to learn, then there are fewer out there. However, there is finally a book that will give to you what was promised if you are willing to put the effort. 
    Michael Matthews is happy to show you the path to get the "Hollywood babe" body, if you are willing to take the chance.
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  • Under Par - Celebrating Life's Great Moments On and Off the Golf Course - cover

    Under Par - Celebrating Life's...

    Phil Callaway

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    Hit the links with popular humorist and golf enthusiast Phil Callaway as he shares stories of friendship, faith, and failure he found while on the fairway. From tee to green and all points in between, join Phil in a celebration of one of the world's most exhilarating and exasperating pastimes. Aim for the flag as you enjoy anecdotes such as . . . 
    The Itch—A long Canadian winter does nothing to stop some dedicated and determined early risers. 
    The Backyard Classic—Scarcity and ingenuity give birth to the Airport Golf and Country Club, a unique course with eighteen fairways and only one green. 
    Escape from the Hanoi Hilton—A prisoner of war passes time and wins the battle for his mind. 
    Prayer on a Golf Course—Will one man's wish for an elusive hole-in-one be granted by God? 
    Fore Is Short for Forgiveness—A dangerously errant drive leads to a lesson in mercy. 
    Packed with unforgettable quotes, helpful tips, and amusing asides, Under Par will inspire you to never give up on the game you love . . . even when it doesn't love you back.
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  • Wilderness Chef - The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Outdoors - cover

    Wilderness Chef - The Ultimate...

    Ray Mears

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    Gather round an open fire. Share delicious food inspired by the outdoors and infused with age-old wisdom. This is living. This is the way of the wilderness chef. 
    Ray Mears has spent his life travelling the world, living with and learning from trackers, adventurers and indigenous peoples in the desert, the rainforests and the Arctic north. In this book he presents us with a delicious array of his most popular and enduring recipes, tried-and-tested for all levels of skill and in all conditions, from quick and tasty meals to opulent gourmet feasts.  
    Opening with advice on setting up your outdoor kitchen and essential cooking techniques, Ray shows how to assess your ingredients, light a fire, cook in ashes and leaves, steam, smoke, and build a ground oven.  
    He then shares his fabulous and enjoyable recipes, including: 
    - easy ideas that children and grownups can try out (campfire s'mores, wilderness hot dog, egg on a stick, lemon chicken wrapped in dock leaves)  
    - gourmet meals (Italian hunter's rabbit, succulent split-stick roasted salmon)  
    - recipes learned from bushmen and indigenous peoples around the world (potjiekos, canoe country pancakes, fragrant and intense Gurkha curry) 
    Woven throughout are colourful stories of Ray's cooking around the world, from baking a birthday cake using ingredients sourced in the rainforest, to steaming fish Maori-style using bags crafted from Bull Kelp, and pulling a giant Emu leg drumstick out of a ground oven built by a Pitjantjatjara elder in the Central Australian desert.  
    This is a practical and inspiring book drawing on the love of the outdoors, cooking in the open air and creating delicious food from scratch.
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  • Tiny Games for Trips - cover

    Tiny Games for Trips

    Hide&Seek Hide&Seek

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    “Amusing, raucous and inventive” -The Guardian 
    From award winning game designers Hide&Seek come tons of brand new games for real-world play. Tiny Games takes traditional parlour games and adds a touch of modern game design know-how to allow any number of players to have fun whatever they're doing. Games for parks, pubs, and public transport. Wherever you're feeling playful, we've got you covered. 
    Designed to give the maximum amount of fun for the minimum amount of rule-reading, Tiny Games will let you find the perfect game for whatever situation you're in. Tiny Games for Trips is a companion piece to Tiny Games for Work, Tiny Games for Home and Tiny Games for Kids, with games specially designed to suit your circumstances. Combine all the Tiny Games books for a more playful existence.
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  • Motocross - The Ultimate Guide to the Extreme Sport of Motocross Racing - cover

    Motocross - The Ultimate Guide...

    Harvey McMaud

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    Do you love the thrill and excitement of motocross? 
    Do you want to try the sport for yourself and feel the rush? 
    Do you want to know more about the sport before you decide if it’s for you? 
    Motocross, as will other motor sports, is a thrill seekers dream, with people and bikes racing one another in all sorts of conditions and delighting the crowds as they do. Thousands participate in it every week and many thousands more go along to watch. But what are the secrets of success behind the excitement?
    Inside this audiobook, Motocross: The Ultimate Guide to the Extreme Sport of Motocross Racing, you will be able to get an overview of what the sport is all about, along with safety tips and other advice, all contained in chapters that cover:
    Your complete riding gear
    Essential tips in setting up your bike
    Your riding style in different road conditions
    Riding with the right body position
    The art of braking smoothly
    Easy ways in handling acceleration
    Be careful with cornering
    Passing skills every biker must possess
    With this knowledge, you will be better placed than ever to decide whether you want to take the next step into an exhilarating sport that has captivated countless numbers and continues to draw many more to its races every week.
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  • Running Repairs - A Runner's Guide to Keeping Injury Free - cover

    Running Repairs - A Runner's...

    Paula Coates

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    Running Repairs is a handbook for everyone who runs - from 
    those training for a one-off charity event, through those who run to 
    keep fit to experienced club runners who regularly race. 
    A recent Runner's World magazine survey revealed that over 
    80 per cent of runners have experienced an injury and that avoiding 
    injury or recovering from injury is the main worry for nearly every 
    runner. This will be the first book to specifically address these 
    concerns. Written by an experienced physiotherapist and recreational 
    marathon runner, Running Repairs is written in two parts: 
     Part one - covers a 
    series of strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to be 
    incorporated within any running schedule, designed to help prevent 
    injury in the first place.  
    Part two - covers the 
    most common running injuries and how to manage them. A series of 
    flowcharts helps the reader to diagnose the most likely cause of any 
    ache and pain and recommends a plan of action to aid recovery - from 
    rest and ice to referral to a physiotherapist. The book also 
    covers basic biomechanics so that runners can understand their running 
    style and identify the specific injuries that are associated with that 
    style, plus nutritional advice for recovering from injury. The book 
    will be an essential reference for all runners - allowing them to treat 
    any injuries immediately and in many cases saving considerable amounts 
    of money on unnecessary physiotherapy appointments (the author 
    estimates that about 50% of injuries that runners visit her practice 
    with could be treated effectively by the patient and that the vast 
    majority of injuries could be avoided with appropriate exercises being 
    incorporated as part of training).
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