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How To Be Hilarious and Quick-Witted in Everyday Conversation - cover

How To Be Hilarious and Quick-Witted in Everyday Conversation

Patrick King

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Exact phrases to develop your sense of humor, master witty remarks, make people laugh, and be funnier – even if you’re not naturally funny.
How To Be Hilarious and Quick-Witted in Everyday Conversation is full of strategies that dissect, break down, and analyze all of the types of humor that you’ll encounter in daily conversation – stuff you can really use with people you talk to. We’re not all trying to become standup comedians, and this isn’t a book about ha-ha jokes with setups and punch lines. These are little tips and tactics for you to become noticeably quick and clever.
Make a better impression on people, put them at ease, charm them, and make them smile with you.
Learn witticisms, quips, retorts, comebacks, and wisecracks without being cheesy or corny. Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve never understood humor or how to be funny. I’ve done the work for you and analyzed everyone from comedy writers to standup comedians and given you step-by-step, complete guidance to use common joke structures in everyday situations. Adaptable to any premise, topic, or setting!
Strategies to instantly be clever and witty and sound like a world-class comedian.
Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and sought-after Social Skills and Conversation Coach. He teaches building rapport, and a major part of that is using humor to connect with others – shared moments of laughter are incredible bonding moments, and you'll be able to create them without being "that guy/girl".
Humor is the highway to the relationships you want in life.
•What makes an impactful comedic delivery and storytelling.•How to use irony and sarcasm conversationally.•How to create and build a banter chain with others.•Injecting role play into any situation.•How to play on people’s expectations and sense of contrast.•The art of misconstruing.•Why relatability is so darn funny.•The famous “comic triple.”
Available since: 08/24/2021.

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