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Sleep Insomnia Stress - What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You - cover

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Sleep Insomnia Stress - What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Patricia Farrell

Publisher: Patricia A. Farrell Ph.D., LLC

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Sleep is a matter of LIFE AND DEATH.  When we can’t sleep, we suffer in our productivity, mood, our relationships, men's sexual health, teen learning, and our physical health. Not sleeping CAN BE THE DEATH OF YOU. What do you know about sleep? In this book, readers will learn about: Why we MUST sleep, how the brain uses sleep to clean up the day’s toxins, how sleep relates to dementia, common sleep disorders, the power of naps, sleep and our immune system and medical disorders such as diabetes, what “sleep hygiene” means, how computer screens and cell phone blue light affects our sleep cycle, the meaning of “sleep debt.” You’ll find useful tests to see whether you are a “lark” or an “owl” and when you are at your best in terms of sleep. For extra measure, there’s a test to gauge your stress level and how that affects your sleep. Why are corporations encouraging employees to sleep on the job? Packed with useful references to important sleep articles you’ll want to read to inform yourself about sleep and how important it is. Don’t sell sleep short or it WILL kill you.
Available since: 06/07/2019.
Print length: 209 pages.

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    Your fitness and weight loss journey doesn’t have to be full of resistance.  
    Helping your mind get on board with what your heart wants will allow you to reach your health goals faster. 
    This meditation is designed to get your mind on the same page as your heart and body. 
    It can help you: 
    ·      Feel inspired to make healthy choices 
    ·      Get enthusiastic about your health goals 
    ·      Lose weight naturally 
    Use this meditation as a life-changing tool for healthier eating habits and fitness motivation. Your body will thank you for it! 
    How to Use: 
    For some, the guided meditation will work the first time.  
    For others, it can take multiple sessions.  
    You can do this meditation every day until you feel the effects.  
    The average time for listeners to feel the mental shift is three weeks of daily meditations.  
    Adjust these recommendations to your unique situation.  
    Listen when you will not be operating heavy machinery and will not be interrupted. 
    This audio is brought to you by Kameta Media, a brand committed to the idea that every person has the power and ability to evolve in ways they never thought possible.
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