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It's The Law But We Can Get Around It - Victorian Father Daughter Incest No8 - cover

It's The Law But We Can Get Around It - Victorian Father Daughter Incest No8

Ona Dare

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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When Lord Birmingham retains me to seek a private hearing before a judge, it piques my interest. When he informs me that he has a new his daughter, that certainly complicates things. He wants to know if said son will be able to inherit his title and estates upon his death. My daughter takes copious notes during our initial meeting and it strikes a chord within both of us that we can no longer deny.

Taking down Lord Birmingham’s notes today affected me in a horrible way. It scared me senseless! I was terrified and horrified by it! Just the thought of a father taking his daughter that way…oh god, what is wrong with me??? I’m breathless and I feel haunted by Birmingham’s words.

Having grown up on the streets of London, I have heard a word or two about what goes on between a man and woman. One time, an older boy on the block asked me to do nasty things with him. When I refused, he proceeded to grab me and tell me what he would do, and that it wouldn’t hurt one bit. He showed me himself and I was so scared that I ran all the way home and locked the door behind me. I lived in fear after that, fear that he would finally accost me in an alley one day.

As I have grown older, I often wonder what it would have felt like, being taken by that boy. Since Papa is the only man in my life…but I will not think such things! Perhaps that is why I am angry! I hold Lord Birmingham responsible for these memories! It really is no fault of Papa’s. I shall apologize.

“Papa, I am sorry I snapped at you. Will you forgive me?”

“Certainly, darling. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I was just upset by the Birmingham case.”

“Oh, really? And what about it has you upset?”

“The…um…father, daughter aspect of it.”

Papa smiles and I know he understands my feelings.

“Think nothing of it, little one. I understand completely.”

But in bed tonight, I am far from over what happened today. If I close my eyes, I can still see that boy and it reignites my desire to know more.

Finally falling asleep, I dream of Papa sitting behind his office desk, and he beckons to me, “Come little one. Come to Papa,” and I do. When I get closer, he swivels in his chair and he is ready. “Come, little one. You know you are hungry for Papa."

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