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Sex tips 1001 mind-blowing techniques - cover

Sex tips 1001 mind-blowing techniques

Oliver Peers

Publisher: De Vecchi

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Need to liven up your sex life? Open the box! Arranged by theme, just about every pleasuring technique ever devised is presented here – handy for quick reference!
* Packed with explicit information. * Tips for you and your partner. * Keep the box by the bed!
Available since: 09/07/2021.
Print length: 272 pages.

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  • Digital Consciousness - cover

    Digital Consciousness

    Tenille Bentley

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    "Let me thank you Tenille, because you are providing the world with great information that's necessary for evolution, and to me that's a service that is part of this whole evolutionary up-wising." -- Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D  
    "Wow inspiring Tenille, I loved your warm natured format, thank you for sharing your amazing platform." -- Dr John Demartini  
    Tenille offers insightful, thoughtful perspectives and suggestion throughout this book about how to use and manage the digital world to advance ourselves and humanity. Read with an open heart and enjoy what she caringly has to say.” Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, HeartMath Inc.  
    Digital Consciousness is a philosophical dialogue into the evolution of consciousness within the digital terrain and the legacy footprint on the human family. Exploring the emotional 'digital' frequency of self is a concept that Tenille Bentley has given a great deal of thought to, and some of the answers to these questions and more may surprise you. While not everyone wants to ‘change the world’ we do all have the power at our fingertips now to radically affect change for someone, somewhere, some place. Recognising this ability and harnessing how we use the internet is the basis for this book.  
    As we can become consciously aware of this new world, the power of it and the intentions we place in it at the click of a mouse button the effect is far greater than any of us can compute in the architecture of our minds. It’s having an awareness beyond the awareness, it’s caring enough to treat each post as a piece of the puzzle to the collective consciousness.  
    Ask yourself today, what will this world look like when we reach a united level of Digital Consciousness?  
    You have the potential in creating the world through what you perceive and search for daily. You're either controlling what the Internet gives to you or your being controlled by it.
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  • Get Taller Now! - cover

    Get Taller Now!

    Instafo Instafo, Jamie Strauss

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    NOTE: Please be sure to download the accompanying reference material upon purchasing. You'll need it to go through the audio.Grow Taller...Not Just Look Taller!Are you sick of being called “shortie”? Do you want to be a model? Do you want to qualify for a recreation or sports team? Do you want to get on that ride that requires a certain minimum height? Do you get annoyed when you can’t see in front of a crowd? Do you get tired of asking for help reaching the top shelves? Etc.Or simply, you just want to be taller than you are currently?Let’s get straight to the obvious. Being taller is better than being shorter. Besides the physical height advantage and attractiveness, you’ll gain more confidence and self-esteem and command more presence, power, and respect. There is no denying that people will naturally be drawn and take you more seriously by having such stronger appearance.Now do you wish you could be taller? Well you can, even if you’re already an adult and have supposedly stopped growing.How is that possible? First, let’s be realistic here. When we say “you can be taller,” we don’t mean you’re going to grow another foot. Oh no! We’re talking about maximizing you to your full potential height that may or may not have been hindered due to abnormal spine growth or years of bad postures.Here's what “Get Taller Now!” shall bestow upon you...* Better Height through the Series of Hatha Yoga Poses and Breathing Methods.* Better Strength thought the Viscoelastic Training of the Funambulist Walk.* Better Flexibility through All of the Stretching Exercises and Movements.* Better Posture through Spinal Manipulation and Alternative Application....and more, with increasing your height as only the icing on the cake.Interestingly, what you’ll soon realize is that improving your height will have an interconnected bodily effect that will also improve your overall health. Discover all you need to know to not only get taller but obtain a healthier life.
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  • Summary of Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell - cover

    Summary of Outliers: The Story...

    Summareads Media

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    Have You Ever Wondered How ULTRA Successful People Became That Way? 
    You know what I’m talking about… 
    It’s the top athletes, the billionaires & the geniuses. 
    Don’t you ever had those splitting thoughts of how great it’d be like to be the child of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? 
    Is it really true that successful people are so “super-human”? 
    Or is there more to it? 
    Maybe… our birth dates matters? 
    Maybe… our background really does matters? 
    There’s so many ‘maybes’ and so little truth isn’t it? 
    We’re living in a world littered with general knowledge and much more than ever, we’re starving for real, practical wisdom. 
    Malcolm Gladwell dug deep into truth in the book Outliers. Every detail was taken into account & everything are backed by pure truth. No hocus-pocus. No filters. Just the truth about how really successful people became that way.Here’s what you’ll discover… 
    --- Chapter 1: Why the Rich Gets Richer (nope, it’s not what you think) 
    --- Chapter 2: Is 10 Thousand Hours Really A Rule (if then, how does it affect us?) 
    --- Chapter 3: Does a Genius IQ Really Matter? 
    --- Chapter 6: The Story of Your Ancestors & Your Future (nope, not your grandparents. We’re talking about many more generations ago) 
    --- Chapter 8: The Truth About Hard Work (it’s time to cut through the B.S.) 
    --- And so much more. 
    This is more than just the story of success. Outliers is about radical transparency & radical truth in an unprecedented age of opportunities.Are you ready to uncover the truth behind our successful people really became that way & apply it to your own life? Scroll Up & Click on the Buy Now button to continue reading!
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  • The Art and Practice of Astral Projection - cover

    The Art and Practice of Astral...


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    Gives all the necessary theory and directions to enter the astral plane, function there, and return with memory available.
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  • Finding my rainbow - cover

    Finding my rainbow

    Yvonne Junor

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    Growing up in Melbourne during the sixties as a baby boomer, Yvonne's dreams were to find a life partner, build a home, raise a family, start a career and travel.The trajectory her life was changed forever when her husband took his life.Now she faces the challenges of raising their two children alone. This begins a transformative journey of self-empowerment and rediscovering what defines her identity.Yvonne shares her travails through career pathways, dealing with relationships, what travel has meant for her, the passion she has for food, exploring and defining spirituality, navigating physical, mental and emotional health and dealing with COVID lockdowns.In her quest for healing she learns some 'truths' about love, forgiveness, authenticity and turning a tragedy into a triumph.Finding My Rainbow is a memoir of loss, heartbreak and self-discovery, a story that'll move and inspire you to find your own inner strength.
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  • How To: Make Money - cover

    How To: Make Money

    How To: Audiobooks

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    LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW IT'S DONE. In How To Make Money, you'll hear from some of the world's top entrepreneurs, tycoons, and businessmen and women. Those people that have become very wealthy themselves, and now want to share their secrets with you. Because what better way to learn how to make money, than study exactly how the experts do it. Hosted by bestselling self-development author Tony Wrighton, this audiobook provides a unique guide to becoming wealthy from some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, who have now helped thousands of others to MAKE MONEY. NOW you can do the same.
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