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The Real Food Cookbook - Traditional Dishes for Modern Cooks - cover

The Real Food Cookbook - Traditional Dishes for Modern Cooks

Nina Planck

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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When Nina Planck toured to promote her two earlier books, Real Food and Real Food for Mother and Baby, the question she heard most was, "When are you going to write a cookbook?†? At long last, The Real Food Cookbook is here. 
In a dietary landscape overfull with low-carb bread and dubious advice about triglycerides, Planck is revolutionary in her complete embrace of a more old-fashioned and diverse way of eating. Aptly described by the Washington Post as "a cross between Alice Waters and Martha Stewart,†? Planck showcases traditional, real foods-produce, dairy, meat, fish, eggs-through tempting and straightforward recipes for the beginner or regular home cook. 
The Real Food Cookbook takes 150 classic dishes, from starters, soups, and salads to the center of the plate, to sweets and the cheese course, and makes them anew, transforming them with Nina's signature approach: using fresh herbs, good butter, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and pastured meats, and whole grains. With essays and tips throughout, sharing Nina's own real-food lifestyle, The Real Food Cookbook will provide inspiration for any omnivorous cook or eater. Find recipes for every occasion: a cheese plate with drinks, a family Seder, Easter egg salads, a summer barbeque.Learn how Nina stocks her pantry and where she buys real food.Whether you're preparing the meals or simply eating them, everyone will enjoy the stories, feast on one hundred gorgeous full-color photographs, and beg the family cook to make the meals Nina loves.

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    Discover How You Can Quickly Lose 10 Pounds Without Diet Or Exercise! 
    This Ultimate Fast Metabolism Thyroid Diet Shows You How To Supercharge Your Metabolism, Lose Weight Fast And Regain Your Energy! 
    Here's What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You 
    While your doctor probably explained the physiology behind hypothyroidism, he or she probably didn't tell you how you can supercharge your metabolism, feel younger, relieve depression, regain your beautiful hair and look better, all by using complementary remedies and a special fast metabolism diet. 
    Forget About Medication Side Effects 
    While your hypothyroid hormone medication may help normalize your thyroid function, it may cause unwanted side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, appetite and weight changes, headaches, sweating and menstrual problems. 
    Wouldn't you love to achieve relief from the misery of your hypothyroidism symptoms without those annoying side effects? Now you can! 
    Reduce Your Risk For Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attack And Stroke! 
    Hypothyroidism can raise your total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while decrease your high-density lipoproteins, or "good cholesterol." 
    Hypothyroidism can also raise your low-density lipoproteins, or "bad cholesterol." These lipid abnormalities are major risk factors in the development of atherosclerosis. Don't risk it. 
    Find out how you can dramatically reduce your risk by simply implementing some of these groundbreaking tips, tricks and recipes into your daily routine. If you have hypothyroidism, or if you're simply struggling to lose weight, you need this ultimate thyroid diet guide! 
    Even If You Don't Have Hypothyroidism, You'll Gain Amazing Health Benefits From This Life-Changing, Fast Metabolism Diet Book! 
    You don't have to have hypothyroidism to benefit from the amazing health and healing benefits that this book offers. Written by Amazon's #1 Best Selling Author and Registered Nurse, Summer Accardo, RN, you'll have access to her years of endocrinology research and teaching, and you'll discover what her patients have revealed to be the most startling and effective alternative remedies to eliminate their miserable hypothyroid symptoms. 
    End The Misery Today With The Fast Metabolism Diet For Hypothyroidism! 
    Why wait any longer? Don't let hypothyroidism rob you of your vitality. Learn how the fast metabolism diet can help you regain your vibrant health! 
    Discover The Insider Secrets To Fast Weight Loss.  
    **BUY NOW**!
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