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What Kind of Parent Am I? - Self-Surveys That Reveal the Impact of Toxic Stress and More - cover

What Kind of Parent Am I? - Self-Surveys That Reveal the Impact of Toxic Stress and More

Nicole Letourneau

Publisher: Dundurn

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Designed to give a tailored approach to growing resilience for parents and children
Includes questionnaires that help find readers' strengths and weaknesses in parenting
Author is an established expert in parent-infant mental health
Drawn from clinically tested surveys and cutting edge scientific research
Unlike other parenting books, What Kind of Parent Am I? takes individual parenting styles into consideration, offering advice that is relevant to each unique situation

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    A yin yoga practice incorporates poses designed to improve the flow of qi, the subtle life force essential to organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being. The postures are moved through slowly and mindfully, gently allowing tendons, fascia, and ligaments to stretch as circulation improves and the mind becomes calm. Experienced yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg describes how to balance yin and yang on and off the mat, sharing her own experiences and offering wisdom for adapting the yogic principles in modern life. Readers will learn to develop their own individualized yin yoga practice, complete with a yin yoga flow, visualization techniques, and ayurvedic health principles. Photographs and clear descriptions highlight proper alignment, ensuring the practice will be safe and effective.
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    For fans of The Kite Runner comes this remarkable debut, the number one bestselling title in Iraq, Dubai and the UAE
    Baghdad, 1991. In the midst of the first Gulf War, a young Iraqi girl huddles with her neighbours in an air raid shelter. There, she meets Nadia. The two girls quickly become best friends and together they imagine a world not torn apart by civil war, sharing their dreams, their hopes and their desires, and their first loves. But as they grow older and the bombs continue to fall, the international sanctions bite and friends begin to flee the country, the girls must face the fact that their lives will never be the same again.
    This poignant debut novel will spirit readers away to a world they know only from the television, revealing just what it is like to grow up in a city that is slowly disappearing in front of your eyes, and showing how in the toughest times, children can build up the greatest resilience.
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    Add years to your life,not your skin! 
    At 33, the compliments I get “Which grade do you study in?”, “Are you married?You must be in college”. Do YOU want such compliments? Yes?Great! 
    How? Not with regular beauty tips for face like sound sleep,anti aging foods,lots of water,proper diet. You have not paid for that.And no Botox,pills or operations. No pain or mental trauma. 
    Let's cure dark cirlces and wrinkles and get glowing skin in a naturally at home without spending money! 
    How? With Yoga, facial yoga, Acupressure and herbal tips! They work for all skin types, men and women.You can share these with your spouse and children too. 
    With pictures, they are easy! Anyone can do them! No experience or knowledge is needed. 
    Be ready to be more confident, look and feel younger, receive compliments-"You look younger, what have you been doing?" You will swell with pride!Your spouse will fall in love with you again! 
    Why Yoga? It helps in digestion, blood circulation and oxygenating the body. When these processes are not running right,skin problems arise. So, let’s solve the root cause. 
    No doctor or facials. Enjoy that time and money with your family. 
    We'l see how I squeeze most of them in my routine.You can do it too! And you get: 
    Facelift exercises 
    A breathing exercise 
    A master yoga posture for whole body 
    And herbal skin care solutions: 
    17 for Glowing skin 
    18 for Wrinkles 
    11 for Fair skin 
    15 for dark circles under eyes 
    All this works! That’s my personal experience! And it will work for you too! In 22 minutes a day.How? Read on in the book!
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  • Superhealing - cover


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    Psyche derives from the Greek: soul – hence psychic healing or soul-healing (as opposed to sole-heeling which you might at first glance think would be more suited to a barefoot doctor’s style). 
    Implying we’ll be healing ourselves from and at the most profound level of self. This then takes care of all the progressively more superficial levels, all the way out to the skin, and even further to encompass all external aspects of life too. This all based on Taoist metaphysics, and is a training in becoming not just a physician (in the broadest sense as in healer), but a metaphysician. Anyone who imagines that divorcing physics from metaphysics can provide a full intelligence of any aspect of existence is severely deluded. The physical relies on the metaphysical for its existence. Meta, comes from Greek, above, as in Latin super. 
    Hence SUPERHEALING, as in metaphysical, or psychic healing. 
    Everything starts and ends with the mind. The universe starts and ends with the primordial universal ‘mind’ or consciousness – and each of us likewise – similarly all physical conditions are instigated by the mind, even including exogenous diseases and damage. And all conditions are healed by the mind. This doesn’t mean conditions are imaginary, simply that both their genesis and dissolution are instigated by the mind, by an intention – at the deepest level, the level of the soul, and almost exclusively unconsciously – hence why psychic healing will be our focus: to access that autonomic layer of mind whence the intention arose and adjust it. 
    I’ve also called it super as an ironic nod to this overblown, overheated, over-sensationalized world of superlatives we find ourselves in where even the most commonplace occurrence is awesome (a word confined in former times to describe only that which provoked profound awe, as in awe of the divine, or of a mountain range, or of a galaxy, for example). And I reckoned if we can have super-cars and super-yachts, we can have super-healings too. 
    I say this will be experiential, because by my intention, I’ll be healing you even as you’ll be learning how to heal yourself and others using your own intention. 
    As well as activating intention, you’ll be learning a whole lot more about the two main levels of self, the structure and anatomy of each, and the most effective direct methods of intervention.
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  • Fish Oil Amazing Health Benefits Explained - How Fish Oil Can Help You Fight Diseases Lose Weight & More - cover

    Fish Oil Amazing Health Benefits...

    Nicholas Stiles

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    Nowadays as more and more people seek natural remedies to solve their health problems, they are looking to certain vitamins, minerals and supplements that they never used to glance at beforehand. Fish oil is one of these natural alternatives. Over the years, fish oil has been proven to yield a number of significant short and long term health benefits with continued use. This is what the author focuses on in his text "Fish Oil Amazing Health Benefits Explained." He outlines what fish oil really is and then goes into some of its various amazing health benefits. What it really excels in is at alleviating the symptoms of heart disease and arthritis as well as a wide range of other ailments and health disorders. That is the main point that the author is trying to convey through this book. The main focus really is not whether or not you ought to take fish oil, but rather to highlight all the benefits that you would be missing should you not take it. Little else needs to be said as it is all conveyed in the book in adequate detail. The book does indeed provide a wealth of information for those who are seeking it.
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  • Whole Motion - Training Your Brain and Body for Optimal Health - cover

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    Modern fitness is not just about how we move our bodies; it’s about how we move our brains as well. Whole Motion offers a complete picture of how to strengthen your resolve, gain laser-sharp focus, boost your ability to remember, calm your anxiety levels, master your emotional responses, and embody your body like never before. Author Derek Beres uncovers the latest research in how the brain is affected by a number of different exercise formats. The book offers sample workouts designed to give your brain the greatest stimulation and regeneration possible.Whole Motion is divided into two main sections. In the Movement section, Beres looks at the movement science and neuroscience behind Feldenkrais, strength training, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. He reveals the latest research behind each movement discipline and incorporates anecdotal examples from clients and students. He also includes information on when and why to perform each exercise.In the Mind section, Beres investigates the other side of fitness: nutrition, regeneration, flow, and disruption, as well as how to choose music for optimal workouts and the neurological cost of distraction. This section is the lifestyle component, focusing on how to create the best environment to achieve a sense of completeness in brain and body.
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