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Best British Short Stories 2018 - cover

Best British Short Stories 2018

Nicholas Royle

Publisher: Salt

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invites you to judge a book by its cover – or more accurately, by its title. This new series aims to reprint the best short stories published in the previous calendar year by British writers, whether based in the UK or elsewhere. The editor’s brief is wide ranging, covering anthologies, collections, magazines, newspapers and web sites, looking for the best of the bunch to reprint all in one volume. 
This new anthology includes stories by Colette De Curzon, Mike Fox, David Gaffney, Brian Howell, Wyl Menmuir, Adam O’Riordan, Adrian Slatcher, William Thirsk-Gaskill, Chloe Turner, Lisa Tuttle, Conrad Williams, among others.

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  • Bloodstock and Other Stories - cover

    Bloodstock and Other Stories

    Margaret Irwin

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    First published in 1953, the first five stories in this collection are stories from Ireland, exploring the dark history of the country and the dogged optimism of its people.  
    The following four tales are of the uncanny - striking studies of witchcraft and black magic, evoking a strange haunting atmosphere illustrating the power of evil and its effect on the imagination. 'Mrs. Oliver Cromwell' is a revealing glimpse of the Lord Protector through the eyes of his homely unassuming wife, unhappy in the unaccustomed grandeur thrust upon her by circumstances.The last story 'Where beauty lies' is an eighteenth century frolic over a nobleman's choice of bride.
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  • Gulf of Guinea - cover

    Gulf of Guinea

    George Nii Amon Ashie

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    Gulf of Guinea, a delightful collection of original short stories: Open your eyes to life in West Africa! Like the many rivers that drain into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean; these stories will spark your curiosity in the West African culture and its many characters whose innocent, unfiltered and organic, spirited dialogue will arouse your senses.The protagonists in each story will provide insight and appreciation of this rich and fragrant land and its people. Gulf of Guinea's collection of 5 short stories are intense, passionate and riveting with detail about another culture and way of life. ...  At times there is comedic relief, and at others …unexpected contemplation. The stories are unique, articulate and powerful.
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  • Astounding Stories May 1931 - Volume 6 No 2 May 1931 - cover

    Astounding Stories May 1931 -...

    Captain S. P. Meek, Ray...

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    Science Fiction has always drawn some of our most creative writers to its form.  Back in the early decades of the twentieth century events conspired to propel the whole genre forward from the earlier works of Jules Verne and other luminaries. 
    New media technologies were coming to the fore with radio and television to add to new industrial processes and ideas. Hollywood’s golden years were creating ‘escapist fare’ as the world battled with war and depression where the impossible seemed possible.  On the streets pulp magazines were becoming the dominant form of mass market reading.  The real world had shrunk and other worlds were sought. 
    Writers were able to fuse ideas with technical ‘know how’ and create fabulous inventions of other worlds and other times.  These inspired other writers to re-imagine almost everything in the search for new situations and environments. 
    A Golden Age was upon us.  These are their stories……. 
    Mysterious, Dark, Out of the Unknown Deep Comes a New Satellite to Lure Three Courageous Earthlings on to Strange Adventure. (A Complete Novelette.) 
    CHAPTER I - There Comes a New World 
    CHAPTER II - Escape 
    CHAPTER III - The Space Terror 
    CHAPTER IV - The Rescue in Space 
    CHAPTER V - The "Dark Moon" 
    CHAPTER VI - Trapped 
    CHAPTER VII - In the Labyrinth 
    CHAPTER VIII - The Half-Men 
    CHAPTER IX - The Throwers of Thunder 
    CHAPTER X - "But Awfully Dumb...." 
    CHAPTER XI - "Nothing to Be Done" 
    Only Dr. Bird's Super-Scientific Sleuthing Stands in the Way of Ivan Sarnoff's Latest Attempt at Wholesale Destruction. 
    Young Lovers of Three Eras Are Swept down the Torrent of the Sinister Cripple Tugh's Frightful Vengeance. (Part Two of a Four-Part Novel.) 
    CHAPTER VIII - The Murder of Major Atwood 
    CHAPTER IX - Migul - Mechanism Almost Human 
    CHAPTER X - Events Engraven on the Scroll of Time 
    CHAPTER XI - Back to the Beginning of Time 
    CHAPTER XII - A Billion Years in An Hour! 
    Outside His Laboratory Bruce Dixon Finds a World of Living Dead Men and Above, in the Sky, Shines a Weird Green Moon. 
    The Epic Exploit of One Who Worked in the Dark and Alone, Behind the Enemy Lines, in the Great Last War. 
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  • The Sea-Wolf (Diversion Classics) - cover

    The Sea-Wolf (Diversion Classics)

    Jack Williamson

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    Featuring an appendix of discussion questions, this Diversion Classics edition is ideal for use in book groups and classrooms.
    In Jack London’s most deeply psychological of adventures, literary critic Humphrey van Weyden is rescued from a ferry collision, only to be enlisted in the crew of a hunting schooner, The Ghost. One day with his mysterious savior is enough to know he’s been cursed, and now must rely on his intellect and cunning, but also brute force and untapped reservoirs of violence within if he is to usurp the brutal captain of a ship seemingly destined for a watery grave.
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  • Boy and Girl The: A Parable - cover

    Boy and Girl The: A Parable

    Alfred C. Martino

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    The Boy and Girl is a parable about a boy and girl, playing on a beach, growing old together.
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  • One Basket - cover

    One Basket

    Edna Ferber

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    This sparkling collection of 7 short stories by Ferber includes some that are considered her all time best like The Woman Who Tried To be Good and The Maternal Feminine. Writing for and about women, Edna Ferber touches the very heart and soul of what it means to be human; to make good choices and bad; to be weak and strong. This was a very popular book when published in 1913 (Summary by phil chenevert)
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