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How to Survive a Russian Fairy Tale - Or how to avoid being eaten chopped into little pieces or turned into a goat - cover

How to Survive a Russian Fairy Tale - Or how to avoid being eaten chopped into little pieces or turned into a goat

Nicholas Kotar

Publisher: Waystone Press

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From the author who bravely faced down a seven-headed, fire-breathing, riddle-speaking dragon... and got eaten for his pains.
The realm of Russian fairy tales is perilous. You might think you know who’s friend, who’s foe. But you’d be wrong. Wolves might be friends. Old grandmothers might be cannibals. And the idiot might be the wisest man in the room.
So say you find yourself at the waystone, a boundary between the real world and the world of story. Every road you take from the waystone leads to danger and the potential of great rewards. But you could end up being eaten, chopped into little pieces, or even turned into a goat.
This book is a short guide for your survival. At the end, you’ll find the fountain of youth, riches unimaginable, the man or woman of your dreams…and maybe something even more lasting.
But getting there is the real pleasure. Buy this book today to enter the weird and wonderful world of Russian fairy tales.

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