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The Flying Sewing Machine - cover

The Flying Sewing Machine

Nancy Zieman

Publisher: That Patchwork Place

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Sewing is magic, creative, and fun,
it's meant to be shared with a special someone.
Let's fly off to Sewland and stitch something new
where all the town sews at a quarter to two.
This delightful children's picture book, written by Nancy Zieman of PBS's Sewing with Nancy, takes kids on a fun and exciting adventure to a magical land where everyone sews.

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    Few cities are as historically rich as Rome, with its layers of treasures from the days of the ancient empire to medieval and Renaissance times, all juxtaposed with buzz of the modern capital. With 17 easy-to-follow routes and a detailed pull-out map, Explore Rome will lead you to the heart of the city.Inside Explore Rome:Routes include a detailed itinerary around the Colosseum - as well as people-watching opportunities on the Spanish Steps, art treasures at the Vatican, trendy bars in Trastevere, and excursions to the ancient Roman villas and Castelli. Insight's trademark cultural coverage perfectly sets the routes in context, with introductions to Roman cuisine, the city's great shopping and its key historical dates. Hand-picked places to eat and drink are highlighted in each tour and in the directory section, which contains a wealth of practical information including a language guide, as well as a range of carefully selected hotels to suit all budgets. Pull-out map with useful plotted routes. Evocative photography captures Rome's beautiful architecture and stylish people. 
    About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure. 
    'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine
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    This updated travel guide is the ideal partner for helping you explore all sides of this Portuguese harbor city on your own:
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    •	Fascinating architecture, from gorgeous baroque to modern brutalism
    •	With a walking tour through the city, full of variety
    •	Excursions for a long weekend
    •	Trips to the coast: the beaches of Foz do Douro and Matosinhos
    •	Great places to shop, from the oldest colonial goods stores to stylish boutiques
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    •	A small introduction to Portuguese with important travel vocabulary
    •	City map
    •	And a free web app for smartphones, tablets, and PCs! (see below)
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    Frommer’s guides aren’t written by committee, or by travel writers who simply pop in briefly to a destination and then consider the job done. Frommer’s authors Nicholas Gill and Caroline Lascom have been covering Colombia for over a decade and this book hits all the highlights, from the Amazon to the Andes. Gill and Lascom provide insights and detailed information so you can better explore the exquisite colonial core of Cartagena; enjoy the nightlife and museums of Bogota and Medellin; visit the coffee plantations of Zona Cafetera; trek through the Sierra Nevada’s to see the country’s famed Ciudad Perdida (Lost City); and more.Inside this Colombia guide you’ll find:•  Exact pricing for all lodgings, attractions, adventure outfitters, restaurants, tours, and shops, so there won’t be nasty surprises•  Straight-shooting, opinionated reviews introducing  you to the country’s best beaches, rain-forest preserves, eco-lodges, restaurants, hotels, tours and attractions—in all price ranges, from budget to luxury•  Detailed maps throughout, plus a handy pullout map•  Helpful suggested itineraries so you can make  the most out of your vacation time
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  • What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Indonesia - cover

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    Indonesia sits centrally on the equator and is surrounded by Malaysia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Palau, Vietnam, Thailand, and India. A plethora of cultures have added to Indonesia's history, going back to Chinese and Indian traders in the 1st century AD. Marco Polo was the first European to land at Sumatra, and later in their search for the legendary Spice Islands, Portuguese and Spanish explorers also learned of Indonesia. Starting in the late 1500's, the Dutch held the islands for three centuries and the islands were commonly termed the Dutch East Indies. In 1945, the Indonesian people declared independence and they officially achieved statehood in 1950. In many ways a young and forward looking country, Indonesia embraces all of its diverse population and traditions under the banner of 'One Country, One Nation'.

Of Indonesia's multitude of islands, about 6,000 can be considered inhabited. The six main islands one is likely to visit are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo), Bali, Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), and Papua (the western half of New Guinea Island). We also include information in this guide for the Maluku island group (also called the Moluccas, the original spice islands) and the Nusa Tengarra Islands. While many vacationers, especially those with limited time, might concentrate on an area developed for tourism such as Java or Bali, one could easily spend a month or more and barely begin to discover some of Indonesia's hidden corners and remote treasures.

    Are You Ready For a Trip to Indonesia?

    Welcome to Indonesia!

Planning Your Trip

Immersing Yourself in Indonesia


    Bali and the Nusa Tengarra Islands

    Kalimantan - Borneo

    Sulawesi - Celebes
    Papua - Irien Jaya

    Maluku - the Moluccas
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  • Insight Guides Explore Cuba - cover

    Insight Guides Explore Cuba

    Insight Guides

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    Cuba is a country of contradictions: timeworn but still oh-so-cool, where post-communist ideology beats to Afro-Cuban rhythms and strong mojitos. And Cuba is on the brink of big changes. A heady mix of sun-drenched beaches and exhilarating, photogenic streetlife, Cuba is the most mesmerising of Caribbean islands. Be inspired to visit by the brand new Insight Guide Explore Cuba, the ideal pocket companion for your trip: a full-colour guide containing easy-to-follow routes around the island. 
    Inside Explore Cuba:Discover the island's unique attractions, from Havana's atmospheric Malec�n waterfront with its parade of old Buicks and Chevrolets to the white-sand dunes of Playa Pilar.Experience Cuba's extraordinary streetlife and sizzling Afro-Cuban dance and musicInsight's trademark cultural coverage  sets the routes in context, with introductions to Cuba's cuisine,  entertainment and nightlife, shopping and key historical dates. Our recommended places to eat and drink  are highlighted in each route, with even more suggestions in the  directory section, which also contains a wealth of useful practical  information including a range of carefully selected accommodation to  suit all budgets.Pull-out map with useful plotted routes. Evocative photography captures Cuba's dilapidated architecture and eclectic cultural heritage.
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