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New Hope for the Little Cornish Farmhouse - a warm and feelgood romance - cover

New Hope for the Little Cornish Farmhouse - a warm and feelgood romance

Nancy Barone

Publisher: Aria

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'I thoroughly enjoyed this utterly lovely story. Touching, heartwarming and a joy to read' Holly Martin. 
Nina Conte has written three novels and lives in a rambling farmhouse on the outskirts of a beautiful Cornish seaside village with her family and German Shepherd Minnie. 
Nina's life sounds great on paper. Or, more precisely, in her author bio. But, in reality, the farmhouse is crumbling, her gambling ex-husband has run away with all their money, and Nina is just about keeping their (leaking) roof over her children's heads. The only people she has to count on are her friends, Jack and Emma, the neighbours who live in the houses on either side.
But then her agent and best friend Alice gives her some life-changing news: her very first novel, Written in the Stars, has been picked up by a film producer in Hollywood. And before she knows it, she's flying her out to LA – kids in tow – to meet the producers!
To Nina's surprise, Luke O'Hara, Hollywood heartthrob and dashing single dad, is head of the project and he insists on having it his way, or the entire deal goes up in smoke. He wants her to co-write the screenplay with him – and he'll move to Cornwall with his daughter to do it.
All of Nina's wildest dreams have come true. But is this new life what she really wants?
An utterly relatable and charming new Cornish romance.

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