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Zany Circus - Paradox - cover

Zany Circus - Paradox

Nanci Nott

Publisher: Turner Books

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Never prank a prankster, kids. Never prank a prankster. 
Imagine you live in a circus, and never go to school. You’re free to play pranks, read books, and hang upside down to your hearts content. 
That’s what life is like for Zandee, Tobelia, and Kadin Zany. Until tragedy strikes, and a teacher arrives to shower the circus in actual school work, nostril scarves, speckled mice, and spiders. 
What spooky secret is the teacher hiding? Where did Nikola Tesla come from, and where have all the moths gone? 
What happens if you break the number one rule of time travel? 
Join the Zany Circus kids as they navigate a hilarious new world of magic, history, and science in fiction. 
‘Zany Circus: Paradox’ contains extension activities which can be incorporated into lesson plans at school, or used for family-fun-times at home. 
Excerpt from the 'Zany Circus Kids' song: (this song accompanies the book, and is available for free here) 
Kadin is clever and tiny and strong, 
His tricks are amazing, his hair is long. 
He likes to play pranks but they sometimes go wrong... 
Here comes a goblin to hijack this song. 
Funny and gross and a little bit weird, 
A dress-wearing-dude with a bushy ol' beard, 
A spider and sheep who will never be sheared, 
What would you do if your mum disappeared? 
Kadin! You weren't supposed to use a real spider! 
Nikola Tesla was such a cool guy, 
Born in a storm with a genius mind. 
Adored reading books, but he couldn't stand pearls, 
He loved feeding pigeons and changing the world. 
Parachuting doctors, 
Secret paradoxes, 
Don't eat mice or bite your sister's wrist. 
Nostril-scarves, rabbit beds, ceramic stags, hats on heads, 
Circus tricks, quantum physics, cynical cats. 
Random goat, random goat, random goat, random goat... random goat? 
No one noticed the goblin.

'Zany Circus: Paradox' is the first book in the Zany Circus series. It is more than just a book. It is an immersive adventure, with an ending you won't see coming. Humans of all ages will love the endearing protagonists. Readers will readily relate to the characters, whether they are a gentle teenager like Zandee, a mischevious tween like Tobelia, a cheeky little brother like Kadin, or a mysterious stranger like Gabby.
This book is best served with dessert, as a read-aloud experience the whole family can enjoy.

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