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The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income in 2019 - The Best Ways to Make Passive Income in 2019 - cover

The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income in 2019 - The Best Ways to Make Passive Income in 2019

Mikkelsen Twins

Publisher: Bro Books

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Take control of your life by earning passive income and gaining financial freedom
We need more time in the day for family, friends, and sometimes even our own happiness. You could go as far as to try traveling the world on this pursuit and contrary to popular belief this is not selfish, we all deserve the time to be true to ourselves.
Realistically unless you were born into a luxurious lifestyle or have received a big inheritance chances are this is not your reality.
In this book we will explore the possibilities of getting away from your typical 9-5 routine and expand on how passive income can help you achieve a totally new reality. Starting an online business does not have to be hard, this book will show you know different platforms and strategies to use for building an online business, so that you can start making passive income and become financially free.
A few of the giant money-making platforms that will be discussed in this book include:
Affiliate Marketing
Selling Info Products
Print on Demand Merch
YouTube Videos
The benefit of passive income is simple: you make money while you sleep. Creating a six-figure passive income stream can be difficult and time-consuming. However, you can easily reach $100,000 in passive income by creating multiple smaller income streams. This book will guide you through five such ideas, each of which can generate between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month.
Take action now and download this book to start your journey towards financial freedom today!

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    How to hack into computer systems 
    Reporting vulnerabilities to business management 
    Becoming CEH certified as an ethical hacker 
    Performing penetration testing 
    Helping IT management to protect their sensitive information
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    Here is what you will learn after reading this book: 
    - The background 
    - Self Protection 
    - TCP/IP 
    - First Steps 
    - Cracking Password 
    - Things to keep in mind 
    - The database of Hacking resources
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    The key ideas in Psychology explained, with colour illustrations, in half a minute. Pavlov's Dogs, Psychoanalysis, Milgram's Obedience Study, and Beck's Cognitive Therapy? Sure, you know what they all mean. That is, you've certainly heard of them. But do you know enough about these psychology theories to join a dinner party debate or dazzle the bar with your knowledge? 30-Second Psychology takes the top 50 strands of thinking in this fascinating field, and explains them to the general reader in half a minute, using nothing more than two pages, 300 words, and one picture. The inner workings of the human mind will suddenly seem a lot more fun, and along the way we meet many of the luminaries in the field, including William James, Aaron Beck, and (of course) Sigmund Freud. From Behaviorism to Cognitivism, what better way to get a handle on your inner demons?
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