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A Gathering of Widowmakers - The Widowmaker #4 - cover

A Gathering of Widowmakers - The Widowmaker #4

Mike Resnick

Publisher: Mike Resnick

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Jefferson Nighthawk, the original Widowmaker, is married and retired, looking forward to a peaceul old age. But when his two clones try to kill each other, he realizes that he can't turn his back on the situation -- or the fact that there is an alien menace out there that will require the combined might of all three Widowmakers, if even that is enough.

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    In the new viking historical romance series, Lucy, an archaeology student travels to Ireland to work on a newly discovered Viking site.  Through an unknown power, she finds herself back in the cold, harsh world of 920 AD where she is quickly taken captive by an enigmatic and powerful Viking lord who has decided to claim her as his own.  Initially resistant, Lucy soon loses her reservations in her hunger and desire for this mighty warrior who awakens a passion within her she'd never imagined.  However, new dangers are always lurking in this new and uncivilized world.  What will happen if her captor and lover is no longer there to protect her?  
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  • Choices - cover


    Cate Dean

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    The choices we make can change our destiny.Maura Hart has spent the last three years hiding from the choice that tore away the life she knew and the people she loved. Now she is finally taking small steps out of isolation, back into the world.The first person she reaches out to turns her life upside down, throwing her into a not-so-distant future – where her profession is now a death sentence, and the only man she can trust may also be her executioner.She has three windows of time, three narrow chances to return home. To do so, she needs to trust the man she shouldn’t, learn to forgive what she never thought could be forgiven, and make the one choice that will change her life forever.*Inclues a preview of Second Son, the prequel to Shattered Throne.
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  • The Elfrida Goto Trilogy: The Solarian War Saga Books 1-3 - The Solarian War Saga - cover

    The Elfrida Goto Trilogy: The...

    Felix R. Savage

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    Three full-length space thrillers. Thousands of minds blown. 
    The year is 2285. Humanity is locked in conflict with an enigmatic AI based on Mars. While Earth dawdles, it's up to a handful of brave men and women to defend our far-flung colonies thoughout the solar system ... 
    The Galapagos Incident 
    Elfrida Goto is a field agent for the Space Corps in the Venus sector. Helping and protecting space colonists is her job ... even when that means evicting them from their homes. But when the enemy attacks her home base, her latest job goes sideways in a hurry. To save the colonists of 11073 Galapagos, she'll have to go up against the most dangerous foe humanity has ever known. 
    The Vesta Conspiracy 
    Elfrida Goto is a hero and a lifesaver, but as far as the Space Corps is concerned, she's a reminder of the worst disaster ever to befall the Corps. Banished to 4 Vesta, the boondocks of the asteroid belt, she's commissioned to work with the University of Vesta to look for more resource-rich asteroids. Instead, she finds something deadly. 
    The Mercury Rebellion 
    After her bruising experiences in the asteroid belt, Elfrida Goto lands a secure job on Mercury, the factory of the solar system. But violence is about to engulf the hottest planet. Humanity's AI nemesis is closing in on Mercury, and only Elfrida stands in its way ... 
    "This is quickly becoming my favorite science fiction series ever." -- Reader Review 
    "This dark, fast-paced space thriller was a fantastic read." -- Boing Boing 
    The Elfrida Goto Trilogy is the first volume of the Sol System Renegades series, an epic science fiction adventure that reviewers are calling a new classic in the space opera genre.  
    The Sol System Renegades series in chronological order: 
    Keep Off The Grass (short origin story) 
    Crapkiller (prequel novella) 
    The Elfrida Goto Trilogy 
    1. The Galapagos Incident 
    2. The Vesta Conspiracy 
    3. The Mercury Rebellion 
    A Very Merry Zero-Gravity Christmas (short story) 
    The Solarian War Trilogy 
    1. The Luna Deception 
    2. The Phobos Maneuver 
    3. The Mars Shock 
    The Callisto Gambit
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  • Dragon Lord - Dragon Wars #2 - cover

    Dragon Lord - Dragon Wars #2

    Shéa MacLeod

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    Dragon Wars Book Two
    Sometimes the only way to defeat the monsters is to become one.
    Uncovering the truth behind the monsters was only the beginning for Rain Mauri and her Dragon Warrior. Now it's up to their tiny band of resistance fighters to change the world once again. This time for the better.
    But nothing is ever easy in their post-apocalyptic world and there are those that will stop at nothing to keep the status quo.
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  • Ravaged - The Hunger #3 - cover

    Ravaged - The Hunger #3

    Jason Brant

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    Welcome to the mountains of Pennsylvania, one of the last vestiges of the human race. 
    Lance York, a self-described loser in another life, has rediscovered himself in the midst of the apocalypse. Along with a cadre of other survivors, including the hardened, sexy Cass, Lance has taken refuge in a compound, struggling to survive the onslaught of monstrosities descending upon them each night. 
    The horrors that have devoured mankind are changing, their minds rebooting like a computer. Intelligence, the lone advantage of the humans, is returning to the infected. They ravage the compound with calculated, precise strikes, chiseling away at the defenses Lance and his friends have erected. 
    With the help of new ally, Major Frank Colt, the flickering flame of the old world must fight to stave off the extinguishing tidal wave of the new one. 
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  • Pleasures of the Night - cover

    Pleasures of the Night

    Sylvia Day

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    There are sensuous pleasures that can only be tasted in the night . . .  
    He comes to her in the twilight between sleep and consciousness to fulfill her secret desires. Lyssa Bates has never experienced such ecstasy, brought to her by a man whose deep, soul-penetrating blue eyes hold the promise of tempting intimacies and decadent pleasures. But this stranger, this lover, this immortal seducer is only a dream—a phantom of her nocturnal fantasies—until he appears, inexplicably, at her door in the flesh!  
    Lyssa aches for the reality of him, but there is grave danger in surrender. Because Captain Aidan Cross is on a mission, and the passion that consumes them both, body and soul, could have dire consequences in a world of dreams . . . and in the waking one as well.
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