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Bodybuilding for Boys and Young Men - cover

Bodybuilding for Boys and Young Men

Mike Mains

Publisher: Mike Mains

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If you're looking for fast muscles, you've come to the right place.  
This is the first and only bodybuilding book written specifically for boys and young men. Inside, you'll find a complete routine that's safe, fast, and effective. Follow the routine as specified and you'll see results not in months, not in weeks, but literally within days. 
Whether you're looking for a radical bodybuilding transformation or simply looking to increase your strength and muscle mass for sports, I've got you covered. 
Build Super Wide Shoulders with The Upper Body Squat 
Inside this book, you'll find the King of upper body exercises. A forgotten exercise that is so powerful and so effective, I call it the Upper Body Squat. If you're looking for super wide shoulders, this is the exercise for you. No exercise has ever worked better for me in thickening and broadening my shoulders. Best of all, it's easy to perform and completely safe. 
Build Bigger Arms with One of the Best Exercises in the World 
You'll find an exercise for your arms that's more effective than barbell curls in building thick, "baseball" biceps. It's harder to perform than barbell curls, which is why most bodybuilders avoid it, but it's safer and it will build and grow your biceps muscles much faster than anything you've tried in the past and with less sets. It's safe to perform too. 
Build Popeye Forearms with A Most Unique Exercise 
How about a super forearm exercise that only one bodybuilder in a thousand is even aware of? It has the potential to pump your forearms up like Popeye's. And all you need is two sets at the end of your workout. 
You'll find nutritional advice here, geared specifically for growing boys and young men, including the optimal muscle-building diet. You'll find tips on rest and sleep, along with advice on dealing with emotional stress from parents, school, and girls. You can't gain muscle when you're stressed out from life. 
The bodybuilding advice in this book has never been known to fail. Not once. Not ever. It's worked for others who have tried it, and it will work for you too. 
Books for Boys 
There are lots of books for boys on the market, but this is the only one geared towards health, strength, and a better life. It's filled with muscle-building advice, safe and effective exercises, life lessons, and a whole lot more. 
If this isn't among one of the best and most useful books for boys that you've ever seen, let me know and I'll personally sing you a serenade over the telephone. 
So what are you waiting for? Start building the body of your dreams today.

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