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Tom at the Farm - cover

Tom at the Farm

Michel Marc Bouchard

Translator Linda Gaboriau

Publisher: Talonbooks

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There is much buzz about this play in 2012, as it enjoys productions in English and Spanish, as well as a film adaptation, following its 2011 French premiere:• Linda Gaboriau's English translation of Tom and the Coyote will premiere in November 2012 at Toronto's Factory Theatre• The Spanish language production of Tom and the Coyote, Tom en la granja, will be reprised in August 2012 in Mexico City at the Teatro Sergio Magana starring Verónica Langer from the film Y tu mamá también• In May 2012, acclaimed film director Xavier Dolan (Heartbeats; Laurence Anyways) announced he will be adapting Tom and the Coyote for the screen.

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