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Tired (so Very Tired): 100 Days to a Happier You by Watching Me go Totally Insane - cover

Tired (so Very Tired): 100 Days to a Happier You by Watching Me go Totally Insane

Michaelbrent Collings

Publisher: Michaelbrent Collings

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Life-changing! Amazing! Astounding! The best book ever written! 
These are just some of the words used to describe books. 
And speaking of books... Tired (so very tired) is one of them! 
Now, internationally bestselling author, indie wunderkind, and creator of ribeye bubble gum Michaelbrent Collings brings you even more words with the release of what some have called "his masterpiece" (and others have called "what's he taking so long in the bathroom for?"), namely: Tired (so very tired): 100 Days to a Better YOU by Watching ME Go INSANE: Social Isolation in the time of the Apocalypse: The Book With the Most Subtitles Ever: See What I Mean?: Subtitles: So Many Subtitles... 
Have you ever felt alone... or not alone? 
Then this book's for you! 
At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Sifu-Sensei-Guru-Probably-Batman Michaelbrent was (like many of us) put in isolation. During this time he shared his thoughts and feelings via an online journal in which some say he found True Enlightenment.  
Yes, some OTHERS said he went crazy as a hot dog in a pie-eating contest, but for purposes of your purchasing decision the publisher urges you to ignore those naysayers. 
Tired (so very tired): 100 Days to a Happier You by Watching Me go Totally Insane brings together, for the first time ever (barring the future introduction of time travel, in which case all bets are off), all of Michaelbrent's isolation musings, along with never-before-seen (again, unless time travel is a thing) exercises, questions, and activities designed to bring you, too, to a place of True Enlightenment! 
In fact, this volume, though slim, is the first book ever to GUARANTEE True Enlightenment, or YOUR MONEY BACK*! 
So grab your copy of Tired (so very tired): 100 Days to a Happier You by Watching Me go Totally Insane today!  
It's the right thing to do, because it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 
Plus, you should do it because Michaelbrent is needy. So very needy. 
* Money-back guarantee valid only upon presentation of the receipt, a good-will gift valued at $50 or more, and actual money valued at $50 or more. Presentation must take place in person, during a Disneyland trip arranged and paid for in full by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Void where prohibited. Also void where not prohibited.

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