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Special Forces Commander - The Life and Wars of Peter Wand-Tetley OBE MC Commando SAS SOE and Paratrooper - cover

Special Forces Commander - The Life and Wars of Peter Wand-Tetley OBE MC Commando SAS SOE and Paratrooper

Michael Scott

Publisher: Pen & Sword Military

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Early in the Second World War, Peter Wand-Tetley volunteered for special service. He saw action first with the newly formed Commandos raiding the North African coast and then in the fierce fighting on Crete. Operations with the LRDG in the Western Desert were followed by SAS actions as Rommel retreated to Tunis. Remarkably he then transferred to the Special Operations Executive and was parachuted blind into enemy occupied Greece in 1943. His role was to train and equip Andarte guerillas and his contribution and courage were recognized by the award of an immediate MC.Following victory in Europe he sailed with the Parachute Regiment to Javo where he fought in the counter-insurgency war.As well as describing his exemplary war record, Special Forces Commander covers Wand-Tetleys early life (he was a superb marksman) and his career post war in the turbulent days of the end of Empire.
Available since: 02/29/2012.
Print length: 240 pages.

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    General Robert E Lee: The True...

    John Esten Cooke, Robert E. Lee

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    This book reveals the incredible life of the legendary General, one of the most prominent figures of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. It also contains his personal writings which paint a full picture of Lee's life.  Robert Edward Lee was an American general known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.
    Robert E. Lee by John Esten Cooke   
    Lee's Early Life 
    The Lees of Virginia 
    General "Light-horse Harry" Lee 
    Lee's Early Manhood and Career in the United States Army 
    His Reception at Richmond 
    Lee in 1861 
    The War Begins 
    Lee's Advance Into Western Virginia 
    Lee's Last Interview With Bishop Meade 
    In Front of Richmond. 
    Plan of the Federal Campaign 
    Johnston Is Wounded 
    Lee Assigned to the Command 
    On the Chickahominy 
    Lee's Plan of Assault 
    The Retreat 
    Richmond in Danger 
    The War Advances Northward 
    Lee's Manoeuvres 
    Lee Advances From the Rapidan 
    Jackson Flanks General Pope 
    Lee Invades Maryland. 
    Lee Concentrates at Fredericksburg 
    The Battle of Fredericksburg 
    Chancellorsville and Gettysburg 
    Advance of General Hooker 
    Jackson's Attack and Fall 
    The Battle of Chancellorsville 
    Lee's Plans and Objects 
    The Cavalry-fight at Fleetwood 
    Lee in Pennsylvania 
    The Last Charge at Gettysburg 
    Lee's Retreat Across the Potomac 
    The Cavalry of Lee's Army 
    Lee Flanks General Meade 
    Lee in the Autumn and Winter of 1863 
    Lee's Last Campaigns and Last Days 
    First Battles at Petersburg 
    The Siege of Richmond Begun 
    The Mine Explosion 
    The Southern Lines Broken 
    Lee Evacuates Petersburg 
    Writings of Robert E. Lee:   
    Robert E. Lee's Letter Announcing Surrender    
    Robert E. Lee's Farewell Address to the Army of Northern Virginia    
    Testimony of General R. E. Lee    
    General Lee's Final Report of the Pennsylvania Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg    
    Patriotic Letters of Confederate Leaders
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  • Black Ink - Literary Legends on the Peril Power and Pleasure of Reading and Writing - cover

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    Over 250 years of black American literature in a “breathtaking anthology celebrating the power of the written word to forge change” (O, The Oprah Magazine). 
    Throughout American history, black people are the only group to have been forbidden by law to learn to read. This expansive collection seeks to shed light on that injustice, putting some of America’s most cherished voices in a conversation in one magnificent volume that presents reading as an act of resistance. 
    Organized into three sections—the Peril, the Power, and the Pleasure—and featuring a vast array of contributors both classic and contemporary, Black Ink presents the brilliant diversity of black thought in America while solidifying the importance of these writers within the greater context of the American literary tradition.  
    “This electric and electrifying collection of voices serves to open a much-needed window onto the freedom struggle of black literature. It’s a marvel, and a genuine gift for readers everywhere.” —Wil Haygood, author of The Butler: A Witness to History 
    “A well-chosen selection . . . Revelatory, often moving essays by impressive writers.” —Kirkus Reviews 
    Contributors include: Frederick Douglass * Solomon Northup * Booker T. Washington * W.E.B. Du Bois * Zora Neale Hurston * Langston Hughes * James Baldwin * Malcolm X * Maya Angelou * Martin Luther King, Jr. * Toni Morrison * Walter Dean Myers * Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) * Alice Walker * Jamaica Kincaid * Henry Louis Gates, Jr. * Terry McMillan * Junot Diaz * Edwidge Danticat * Marlon James * Roxane Gay * Ta-Nehisi Coates * Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie * Colson Whitehead 
    Includes a bonus in-depth interview with President Barack Obama
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  • The Knights Templar at War 1120–1312 - cover

    The Knights Templar at War...

    Paul Hill

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    A look at the famed medieval Catholic order, with an emphasis on military history—includes numerous illustrations.   There are many books about the Knights Templar, the medieval military order which played a key role in the crusades against the Muslims in the Holy Land, the Iberian peninsula, and elsewhere in Europe. What is seldom explored is the military context in which they operated. This book focuses on how this military order prosecuted its wars.   The order was founded as a response to attacks on pilgrims in the Holy Land, and it was involved in countless battles and sieges, always at the forefront of crusading warfare. This absorbing study examines why they were such an important aspect of medieval warfare on the frontiers of Christendom for nearly two hundred years. The author shows how they were funded and supplied, how they organized their forces on campaign and on the battlefield, and the strategies and tactics they employed in the various theaters of warfare in which they fought. Templar leadership and command and control are examined, and sections cover their battles and campaigns, fortifications, and castles.
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  • Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 21 (2020) - cover

    Journal of Romanian Studies -...

    Peter Gross, Diane Vancea, Iuliu...

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    The biannual, peer-reviewed Journal of Romanian Studies, jointly developed by The Society for Romanian Studies and ibidem Press, examines critical issues in Romanian studies, linking work in that field to wider theoretical debates and issues of current relevance, and serving as a forum for junior and senior scholars. The journal also presents articles that connect Romania and Moldova comparatively with other states and their ethnic majorities and minorities, and with other groups by investigating the challenges of migration and globalization and the impact of the European Union.
    Issue No. 3 contains:
    Alexandra Chiriac: Ephemeral Modernisms, Transnational Lives: Reconstructing Avant-Garde Performance in Bucharest 
    Petru Negura: Compulsory Primary Education and State Building in Rural Bessarabia (1918-1940)
    Vladimir Solonari: Record Weak: Romanian Judiciary in Occupied Transnistria
    Delia Popescu: A Political Palimpsest: Nationalism and Faith in Petre Țuțea’s Thinking
    Cynthia M. Horne: What Is too Long and When Is too Late for Transitional Justice? Observations from the Case of Romania
    Brindusa Armanca and Peter Gross: Searching for a Future: Mass Media and the Uncertain Construction of Democracy in Romania
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  • The Essence Of Religion - cover

    The Essence Of Religion

    Huston Smith

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    Who are we?  Why are we here?  How should we spend our few precious years on Earth?  Throughout history, we've looked to religion for answers to our deepest, abiding questions.  One of the foremost scholars of religion in the world, Huston Smith, discusses the contemporary role of religion, the value religion continues to provide for those who choose to listen, the difference between religion and spirituality, and the commonalities of various religions.
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  • The New Fight for Life - Roe Race and a Pro-Life Commitment - cover

    The New Fight for Life - Roe...

    Benjamin Watson, Carol Traver

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    *****Audiobook format of The New Fight for Life - ECPA's 2024 Faith and Culture Award Nominee***** The battle over the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade may be over, but now a bigger fight lies ahead. For over half a century, pro-life advocates have fought to protect the sanctity of human life. Now that the decision the pro-life community has been waiting and praying for has finally become a reality, a question remains: Now what? How do we continue to stand for life for everyone who bears the image of God―from womb to tomb? And if abortion disproportionately impacts the poor and the marginalized, specifically Black Americans, why should we seize this new opportunity to make right what has gone terribly wrong? Benjamin Watson, author of Under Our Skin and a former NFL player who now serves as VP of strategic relationships with Human Coalition, a pro-life organization based in Dallas, wants to galvanize the church and the pro-life movement in this new era. In The New Fight for Life, Watson    leads us into a new understanding of pro-life advocacy,  shows how we can move past political debate and culture wars, and  envisions a new path forward that promotes life by committing to human flourishing and holistic justice.  We can create a culture where abortion is both unthinkable and unnecessary. How? By relentlessly pursuing a more just world―for everyone.
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