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I AM Enough - Healing A Broken Body Volume One - cover

I AM Enough - Healing A Broken Body Volume One

Michael Pestano

Publisher: Michael Pestano

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This is not just another weight-loss book. It is a powerful, real, raw, and authentic revealing of the innermost healing of emotional traumas. Healing the body also involves healing the mind through the soul and rise up and be courageous. The deepest wounds are not seen through the scars of what the eyes can see. Rather, they reside inside of us. In this book it explores the successful weight loss of over 107 pounds, reversing type 2 diabetes and the healing transformation from a lonely, troubled, sickly type 2 diabetic, and angry soul to one that is courageous, happy, and healthy in mind, body, and soul.
This book encompasses physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle of self-care and self-love, and most importantly connecting, aligning, and uniting mind, body, and soul back as one. Aided through the expertise of Radhaa Nilia of Goddess Code Academy:tm: and her modality Goddess Activations:tm: and Maya The Shaman of Lemurian Code Healing:tm: that uprooted the deep energetic blockages giving him the key to true transformation. It reconnects him to the true essence of all of us as energetic beings and in his story shows the power of unconditional love, mindset, forgiveness, and gratitude.Obesity and diabetes are reflections of and manifestations of deep emotional and unconscious traumas. He listens to both his conscience and his intuition to successfully heal and rise above daunting odds. The nutrition protocol and fitness programs work in alignment with the energy healing modalities in a cohesive and united front and the result is a transformation into his true self.

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    "Singh Modi has a deep and genuine concern for the happiness of others. I rejoice for his boundless energy and skillfulness in cutting quickly to the heart of the matter as he cheerfully elucidates the path toward freedom for so many" - Dimitri Ehrlich, Author of Inside the Music: Conversations about Spirituality, Creativity, Consciousness
    "There are many different types of teachers in this world. Some you seek out and others find you. And then there is that special type of teacher who arrives with the very thing you need to hear, just when you need to hear it. Singh Modi is such a teacher . . . Whether he is exploring your palm for key information or simply sharing a deep insight, he has a compassionate and joyous style that make him a delight to know" -- Lewis Harrison, Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom Coach
    To contact Amarjit Singh Modi:
    [email protected]
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