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Anything For A Quiet Life & Other Mysteries - And Other Mysteries - cover

Anything For A Quiet Life & Other Mysteries - And Other Mysteries

Michael Gilbert

Publisher: House of Stratus

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Jonas Pickett, lawyer and commissioner of oaths is nearing retirement, but still has lots of energy. However, he leaves the pressure of  a London practice behind to set up a new modest office in a quiet  seaside resort. He soon finds that he is overwhelmed with clients and some of them involve him in very odd and sometimes dangerous cases. This collection of inter-linked stories tells how these are brought to a conclusion; ranging from an incredible courtroom drama involving a gipsy queen to terrorist thugs who make their demands at gunpoint.

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    Sundark: An Elle Black Penny...

    Elizabeth Watasin

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    Who is Elle Black? 
    Elle Black, an unconventional psychic detective in an unconventional Victorian marriage, leaves her lovely lesbian wife to answer a desperate plea. Guests are vanishing in a mechanical hotel known as the Sundark, and Elle must use her 'anomalous perturbationist' gift–the ability to move objects with her mind–to save herself and the remaining hotel residents from malevolent, sidereal powers. But with apparitions appearing, magnetic lines disrupted, and clairvoyant guests lurking, who is the true murderer . . . or murderess? 
    “A smart, solid, satisfying pulp Gothic.” 
    Nathan Long, author of the Ulrika the Vampire and Jane Carver of Waar series 
    An F/F romance and historical fantasy in a Victorian, supernatural London, follow the telekinetic Elle Black, a twenty-two year old, happily remarried widow, as she solves mysteries in the same paranormal world as the Dark Victorian series by Elizabeth Watasin. Where Secret Commission agents Artifice and Jim Dastard haven't time to tread, Elle Black will take up the lead and follow. 
    A lesbian female sleuth series: 
    Deep in London's Chiselhurst lies the Sundark, a magnificent, mechanical manor built in earlier times by a master illusionist and his occultist wife. Its guests have been known to stay, only to never be seen again. Now converted into a hotel, is the rumor some publicity lure or a cover for fleeing, non-paying residents? Elle Black, a housewife and telekinetic among London detectives and Secret Commission agents, is summoned to solve this mystery as more victims vanish, faster than before. 
    What Gothic horror awaits as the psychic sleuth leaves her beautiful wife Faedra to investigate the seemingly harmless, clockwork turnings of Sundark's rooms and towers? During her first night’s vigil, Elle slips into the chilling, preternatural past as ghosts walk, gaslamps become candles, floors and walls mechanically move, and yet another unlucky guest screams in terror and vanishes. 
    But whatever is behind the vanishings did not count on making Elle angry...
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  • Before He Covets (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 3) - cover

    Before He Covets (A Mackenzie...

    Blake Pierce

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    From Blake Pierce, bestselling author of ONCE GONE (a #1 bestseller with over 600 five star reviews), comes book #3 in the heart-pounding Mackenzie White mystery series.
    In BEFORE HE COVETS (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 3), newly minted FBI agent Mackenzie White graduates the FBI Academy in Quantico only to find herself thrown into an urgent serial killer case. Women are turning up dead while camping in a remote national park in West Virginia. Yet the park is vast, and no connection can be found between them.
    At the same time, Mackenzie receives a call from Nebraska urging her to come home. After many years, a new clue has surfaced about her father’s murder. The case no longer cold, Mackenzie desperately needs to help solve it.
    But the FBI’s killer is ratcheting up, and there is no time for distraction as more women turn up missing in the psychological game of cat-and-mouse that follows. This killer is more diabolical—and smarter—than Mackenzie could have imagined. As she goes down a road she fears to travel—deep into her own psyche—she finds a double twist waiting for her that even she could not expect.
    A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE COVETS is book #3 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 
    Book #4 in the Mackenzie White Mystery series will be available soon. 
    Also available by Blake Pierce is ONCE GONE (A Riley Paige mystery—Book #1), a #1 bestseller with over 600 five star reviews on Amazon—and a free download!
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  • Pearls - cover



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    Relive the horror of the vicious, bloody, dolphin hunts of Taijii, Japan and the hard life of the people of the area that resulted in young men being sent to Broome in far north-western Australia to life, and often to terrible death,as divers on the luggers plying the seas in search of the pearl. Join a chase through outback Australia as various groups are in pursuit of the man who has the ornamental koala package containing secrets of interest to Hong Kong, mainland china, Broome, Darwin and London. Meet a master jeweller and his wealthy clients at a Paris auction of a beautiful piece incorporating a magnificent pearl. Follow a cat burglar with interesting rivals and acquaintances. Feel the tension as Miles Howard negotiates with pearl company executives in Kobe, Japan and members of the Yakuza become involved in conflicts around and within the criminal cartels.
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  • Scorpion Winter - cover

    Scorpion Winter

    Andrew Kaplan

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    “Andrew Kaplan represents a gold standard for thriller writing.”—David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Brotherhood of the Rose 
    Espionage fiction is hotter than ever, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of Daniel Silva, Alex Berenson, and Ted Bell—and Andrew Kaplan plays the spy game as well as anyone out there. Following his stunning thriller, Scorpion Betrayal (which superstar author Harlan Coben called, “one of the smartest, swiftest and most compelling spy novels I’ve read in years”),  Kaplan plunges his tough, code-named intelligence operative into the dangerous fray once more in Scorpion Winter. The ex-CIA agent-turned-freelance spy is on assignment in Russia, disturbing a hornet’s nest of assassination and political intrigue that could erupt in all-out global war in this electrifying espionage thriller that will enthrall Robert Ludlum, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn fans. 
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  • The Apothecary Rose - The Owen Archer Series - Book One - cover

    The Apothecary Rose - The Owen...

    Candace Robb

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    "Suspenseful, historically accurate, and blessed with a wonderful cast of characters, THE APOTHECARY ROSE is an absolute delight from start to finish..." — Charles de Lint, author of the Newford Series
    In the year of our Lord 1363, two suspicious deaths in the infirmary of St. Mary’s Abbey catch the attention of the powerful John Thoresby, Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of York. One victim is a pilgrim, while the second is Thoresby’s ne’er-do-well ward, both apparently poisoned by a physic supplied by Master Apothecary Nicholas Wilton. In the wake of these deaths, the archbishop dispatches one-eyed spy Owen Archer to York to find the murderer. Under the guise of a disillusioned soldier keen to make a fresh start, Owen insinuates himself into Wilton’s apothecary as an apprentice. But he finds Wilton bedridden, with the shop being run by his lovely, enigmatic young wife, Lucie. As Owen unravels a tangled history of scandal and tragedy, he discovers at its center a desperate, forbidden love twisted over time into obsession. And the woman he has come to love is his prime suspect.
    Lovingly detailed, beautifully written, THE APOTHECARY ROSE is a captivating and suspenseful tale of life, love, and death in medieval England.
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  • The Warrior - Warriors Series #1 - cover

    The Warrior - Warriors Series #1

    Ty Patterson

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    Mercenaries in the Congo have gone rogue. They burn villages, murder innocents, and illegally acquire mines. They are beyond the law and rule the jungle as if it is their kingdom. 
    And then Zeb Carter arrives. 
    One lethal operative. Cold-blooded killers. The Congo. 
    'Simply mind-blowing' 
    'Your thriller reading is incomplete if you haven't read Ty Patterson' 
    The Warrior 
    The Reluctant Warrior 
    The Warrior Code 
    The Warrior's Debt 
    Behind You 
    Hunting You 
    Death Club 
    Trigger Break 
    Scorched Earth 
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