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The Complete Keto Diet For Beginners - A Simple Ketogenic Diet Approach for Rapid Weight loss Plus Keto Diet Meal Plan (2nd Edition) - cover

The Complete Keto Diet For Beginners - A Simple Ketogenic Diet Approach for Rapid Weight loss Plus Keto Diet Meal Plan (2nd Edition)

Michael Crow

Publisher: Kingsway

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The Complete Keto Diet For Beginners: A Simple Ketogenic Diet Approach for Rapid Weight loss Plus Keto Diet Meal Plan (2nd Edition) is aimed at ensuring that you eat healthily and lose weight without any form of exercise.
Today, the Ketogenic diet has become one of the most potent tools for rapid weight loss.  If you need a complete beginners guide in the Ketogenic diet, then you have found the right tool. If you are a seasoned dieter, then you can find great guide in this book.  
The recipes in this book are simple to follow and every easy to prepare.  It was done carefully to ensure that you can eat different recipes and never get bored.  
With this Keto diet book, weight loss is easily attainable. 
Benefits of Ketogenic Diet are:
•             Increase Mental focus
•             Power and agility
•             control skin disorder
However, when you follow the diet in this book, the amazing things you will discover are:
•             Why you must have a keto diet plan
                Shopping tips for Your Ketogenic diet items.
•             The type of Ketogenic diet you can adopt for your keto diet weight loss plan
•             Flexible exercise scheme for Keto diet
•             How to enter Ketosis very fast
•             How to achieve Ketosis without struggle
•             How to maintain Ketosis
•             How to know if you have entered ketosis and the measurement of ketosis.
•             All that you need to know as a beginner about Ketogenic Diet
•             Food to eat and food not to eat on a Ketogenic Diet
•             Important Ketogenic Diet mistakes to Avoid
The SECOND EDITION of this Ketogenic diet book, The Complete Keto Diet For Beginners: A Simple Ketogenic Diet Approach for Rapid Weight loss Plus Keto Diet Meal Plan has added:
A 14 days Ketogenic diet for beginners
Keto  diet Desserts
Keto diet staples and apps
Keto Snacks
Ketogenic diet Smoothies, etc.
What are you waiting for, get this  book now.

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