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Wrong Number Right Guy - cover

Wrong Number Right Guy

Mia Watts

Publisher: Totally Bound

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A wrong number with a sexy voice on the other end… What are the chances a regular guy has just hooked the hottest actor on the silver screen?
Ryan Pierce is in town shooting the latest romantic action movie and attending all the right publicity parties. He wasn’t expecting to pick up the phone to an easy laugh and real conversation. So, when he discovers that his caller has misdialed, it surprises him even more that he doesn’t want the man to hang up.
Dar Phillips is the last man to get star-struck, yet his best friend drags him out to be an extra on a movie set. It’s a chance to meet the guy on the set who he accidently called, but he has to admit the lead actor is hot stuff. Could the loping mega-star be his phone-a-friend? And, when they kiss, is Dar ready for the paparazzi and accusations of betrayal by the man who now stars in Dar’s every dream?
Who did Dar fall for? The elusive Ryan Pierce, who can’t be seen with him, or the quiet, gentle man who’s just a phone call away?

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    "A highly readable and distinctly 21st-century boy's own tale." BEN SUMMERSKILL OBESeeking escape from the quiet countryside of North Wales, the young James Wharton joined the British Army with adventure on his mind - and he found it...At basic training, boozing and brawling accompany the daily trials of army life, but all the while James faces a battle of his own: he is gay, and finding the courage to tell not only his family and friends but also his fellow soldiers will be the biggest challenge of all.Written with searing honesty, and updated to include a new chapter, James charts his incredible journey from punchbag to poster boy, describing the troubles and trials of coming to terms with his sexuality via late nights in Soho clubs and early mornings at ceremonial events.The first openly gay person to appear on the cover of Soldier, the British Army's official magazine, James has played an active role in developing support networks for gay men and women within the forces.A courageous and candid account from the soldier who escorted the Queen to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, endured rocket attacks in the deserts of Iraq and served bravely alongside Prince Harry on the plains of Canada - this is James's life out in the army."A fascinating and charming insight into a remarkable life that wouldn't have been possible just a few years ago." MATT CAIN, FORMER CUL TURE EDITOR, CHANNEL 4 NEWS
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  • A Hard Habit to Break - The Men of Marionville #1 - cover

    A Hard Habit to Break - The Men...

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    As the reigning stud of the local gay club scene, every guy in the county knows Travis Templeton, and vies for his attention. Travis wears his crown lightly, careful not to break any hearts. He knows what it’s like to really love someone who doesn’t love you back-at least, not in the way you want. 
    Heath Kelley made the biggest mistake of his life the night before his best friend Travis left for college. One small action snowballed into years of silent misunderstanding and empty distance. When Heath accepts a transfer that sends him to his hometown, he doesn’t know Travis has moved back home, too. It doesn’t take long for the men to reconnect. 
    Admitting they never stopped thinking of each other as “best friends” is easy. Forgiveness of past sins is easy, but confessing their secrets comes harder. When Heath discovers the truth about Travis’ private life, the newly repaired bonds of friendship are stretched taut. 
    It’s time for Travis to choose – the love of his best friend, or a life of settling for having only second best. 
    * * * 
    The ghost of his lips slid coolly over mine like they had so many times over the years, a phantom whisper that raised gooseflesh on the back of my thighs and buttocks. Travis fixed me with a stare far colder than my memories. His angry, hurt voice froze my insides. 
    “You had what I wanted, Heath. You were normal. You dated girls. You fucked girls.” He sucked in a deep, difficult breath. When he spoke again, the anger was gone, but not the hurt. 
    “Then you kissed me and brought the very thing I hated right to my bed. How could you do that to me? Why didn’t you tell me you were really gay?” 
    Stunned, my knees wobbled, and I leaned back against his car before they gave out and I ended up on the pavement. Never had I imagined he felt such self-loathing. I hadn’t seen it, but then I’d been just seventeen. Liking some girls muddied the water for me, and I never thought of myself as anything but straight, back then. 
    What I felt for Travis was special, outside everything, and everyone, else. He was my best friend. I was a senior in college before I dared put a name to my sexuality, and begin to accept what it meant. I took a chance he wouldn’t shake me off, and grasped his elbow. He trembled under my fingertips. 
    “Travis, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. How could I?” 
    He shivered, like he had a sudden chill. The anger left his beautiful eyes, to be replaced by a great sadness. 
    “I’m sorry, too, Heath. I didn’t know how to tell you. I thought you’d hate me. 
    I thought you’d run away from me, and then I ran away from you.” 
    My chest ached. Thirteen years lost. 
    “I could never hate you, Travis. There was a lot I didn’t know about my teenage self. So much I didn’t understand.” I took a deep breath. “The truth is, I’m bi.” 
    His eyebrows drifted up. He blinked. I nodded and rolled my eyes at him. 
    “Don’t look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language.”
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    Sometimes true love is right in front of you.
    Madison Archer dreams of the day he can claim Temple as his mate. However, when Temple heads off to school Maddie worries he’ll be forgotten among Temple’s new friends. Maybe a half wolf can’t understand the bond between mates.
    Temple Stewartson has always loved Madison Archer. Childhood friends, they were now old enough to start their own lives. However, Temple doesn’t want to leave the pack without Madison by his side. So when Maddie disappears, Temple is willing to do anything to get his man back.
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  • Reflections - The Santorno Series #6 - cover

    Reflections - The Santorno...

    Sandrine Gasq-Dion

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    To say the Santorno-Youngblood extended family has been through a lot together would be like saying "It looks a little smokey" while you're standing in the middle of a raging forest fire. Trouble finds them the way a Las Vegas convention hooker lasers in on the innocent pharmaceutical rep from Sheboygan.  
    Just when life returns to the Youngblood definition of normal, another tragedy slams into them like a rogue wave hitting from behind. As family rallies around loved ones and presents a united front, a bigger wave knocks them under. As individuals struggle to their feet, believing they have broken free of the pain, they are sucked under again and everything goes black. 
    Relationships die. Innocence suffers. Friendships are made. New faces join the family. Life-changing decisions bring the miracle of birth. 
    Stefan Santorno knows there is always a calm before the storm. What he doesn't know is they're about to get a hurricane.
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  • Sinful Desires - cover

    Sinful Desires

    Emmanuel Lang

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    First an indecent proposal…then a ménage…and now…marriage!
    The love saga between Scott White and his corporate mogul lover continue when, once again, Arthur makes Scott a proposal he cannot refuse…only this time, it’s a marriage proposal! Scott accepts and is drawn even deeper into Arthur’s world of abundant pleasure and wealth.
    Amidst his new whirlwind existence as the focus of the media and student of high social etiquette, Scott is determined to hear Arthur say the words “I love you” and makes it his mission to help Arthur face his past and heal from the emotional scars of the trauma that keeps him from allowing anything more between them than the satiation of lust. If only it were that…simple.
    An old enemy surfaces and is bent on exacting revenge. When Scott is kidnapped, Arthur is forced to face his true feelings. But will he get the chance to tell the one person who means everything to him before it’s too late?   
    an he last in this world without falling for his aloof, enigmatic master?   
    che ancora non sa è che una ragazzina terrestre l’ha seguito in questo girovagare fra i due mondi, e ora la sua scomparsa minaccia l’equilibrio dell’isola. Konu è l’unico che può scongiurare questa catastrofe spirituale, ma per riuscirci dovrà trovare un modo per fare ritorno a quegli sfavillanti sogni di peridoto. 
     proprio posto sull’isola… e forse anche l’amore?.
    o the outcasts, still feared and hated by humans. Moving to Whispering Hills in Providence, Rhode Island, he knows immediately that he belongs to this new world. When he meets Talib, that conviction is only solidified.
    When Jonah Townsend, the human Talib had turned about a hundred years earlier, re-enters the picture, Talib and Conley’s newfound happiness is threatened. Conley becomes the tool that Jonah uses to get back at Talib and Talib is forced to make a choice. Fight for his own happiness and risk Conley’s life, or put Conley’s safety first and sacrifice what he’s searched and struggled for over two hundred years!
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  • Journals of a Gay Teen - cover

    Journals of a Gay Teen

    Peter Hartford

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    “I hope this is my year – the year when I start making new friends, lose my spots, lose my virginity (and my religion), get decent GCSE results so I can get into the sixth-form, and most importantly, get Patrick Garrison to fall completely in love with me. If I can achieve any of these things then 1995 will be the perfect year.” 
    So begins Journals of a Gay Teen, the story of a young man attempting to come to terms with his sexuality and his obsessive love with the popular straight boy at school who doesn’t love him back. Navigating his way through exam stress and the fallout of crumbling friendships, he escapes into music, books, and art, while documenting it all in his journals. 
    In his debut fictional memoir, Peter Hartford has captured the pain and alienation of being young and gay in the 1990s and the bittersweet moments of unrequited love.
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