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The Collection Arsène Lupin - cover

The Collection Arsène Lupin

Maurice Leblanc, The griffin classics

Publisher: The griffin classics

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The collection, brings together the works that inspired the original NETFLIX series, directed by Louis Leterrier as well as the Hero, Assane Diop, performed by OMAR SY.

Slender, elegant, refined, seductive, Arsène Lupine, gentleman-burglar by trade, is the model of the "Belle Epoque" dandy. His intelligence, his culture, his talents as an illusionist between Fregoli and Robert-Houdin are at the service of an astonishing nerve. But this accomplished man of the world is also an anarchist at heart who plays with social conventions with marvelous insolence.

Arsène Lupine, gentleman-burglar is a collection of short stories written by Maurice Leblanc and recounting the adventures of Arsène Lupine.

The first short story of this collection was published in July 1905 in the newspaper Je sais tout. It was the first short story featuring Arsène Lupine. This one having success, Maurice Leblanc is encouraged to write the continuation, in several short stories. What will be done until 1907.

Content :

Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar
Arsène Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes
The Hollow Needle
813 The Arsène Lupin
The Crystal Stopper
The Confessions Of Arsène Lupin
The Teeth Of The Tiger
The Woman Of Mystery
The Golden Triangle
The Secret Of Sarek
Eight Strokes Of The Clock
The Secret Tomb

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