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The Sense of Reckoning - The Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels #2 - cover

The Sense of Reckoning - The Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels #2

Matty Dalrymple

Publisher: William Kingsfield Publishers

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After solving the Philadelphia Socialite murder, Ann Kinnear should be riding high. Instead, she's depressed and considering abandoning her spirit sensing business. To add to her problems, Ann has suffered a series of injuries to her hands—could these be the ghostly repercussions of the violence that ended her last case?  
Ann goes to Maine to solicit help from fellow spirit senser Garrick Masser. Ann and Garrick find more trouble than they bargained for in a tale of obsession and misplaced loyalty that has its roots in a crumbling summer hotel, international art theft, and the historic wildfire that destroyed large swaths of Mount Desert Island in 1947.  
Unless Ann can fit together the pieces of the past while staying ahead of whatever—or whomever—is causing her harm, her future, and that of her friend Garrick, may be very brief indeed.

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    But something darker awaits our heir hunter; her missing dad is captured, and what remains of him is terrifying and out of control. Can she save him, and should she even try? 
    Alone, with her friends away and her boyfriend abandoning her, will Macie survive her brush with the werewolves and a dark supernatural ability that could change her life forever? 
    Fans of fast paced, adventure filled urban fantasy will love Wolf Marked. With a dash of romantic potential and a heap of dangerous supernaturals, this book is a fun, engaging read. 
    The Heir Hunters series reading order: 
    Gremlin Swayed (prequel novella) – get a complimentary copy of this book by signing up to the Heir Hunter mailing by going to this link (copy and paste) - 
    Blood Hunted 
    Witch Bound 
    Wolf Marked 
    Goblin Feud (released August 2016) 
    Find out more about series releases and other series by this author at
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